Busy Labor Day!

Despite a busy day, I’m taking a few minutes to show some pictures and update things. Our temperatures continue to be cooler than normal which makes nights interesting. We must look into ordering a new heater for the water bed.

This morning I cleaned the house in a couple of areas that were driving me crazy. There are two, no three, no I think actually four flat surfaces that quickly fill up because everything is dropped there and forgotten. The first one is the counter in the kitchen that faces out to the living room. While I understand having keys and quick grab stuff there, it usually piles up with whatever anyone doesn’t want to deal with at that immediate moment. Finally, I decided today was enough and went through the counter. There is still too much on it, but now only important things are on it and other things have migrated to their proper places–including the trash can.

The second place is the dresser in our bedroom. This flat surface is already crowded since it holds the computer printer as well as a very small television. This leaves minimal room which seems to get piled higher and deeper by the day. Not only does it have several containers of “stuff” that DH is sure he needs to use periodically, but this is where we keep the AA and AAA batteries, copy paper for the printer, and that is just the list of “allowable” stuff. It had finally gotten so deep that we were having a hard time finding one side of the printer. After a clear out, everything is in its proper place with only the aforementioned items which are being used on a daily basis still on top.

The third flat surface that was addressed was the top of DH’s desk which just has an accumulation of items, papers, business cards, notes, crackers, snacks, computer parts, you name it. First I sorted everything out into separate piles and determined what needed to be kept, what needed to find another place to reside, and what needed to join the parade to the 13-gallon kitchen trash bag that was being filled. DH does not need to worry as I did not throw anything important away, including notes he had made here and there. I only threw away multiple copies of old church bulletins, cracker wrappers, old snacks, and the like that needed to not be cluttering his desktop. After also emptying the trash can under his desk into the trash bag and vacuuming everything, it looks much better. There are still a few things that he will need to look at and decide what he wants to do with them.

At this point, I decided to address the fourth flat surface, the floor around DH’s desk, our dresser, and my sewing desk. When all other surfaces within reach of DH’s desk are full and starting to “puke” their contents elsewhere, the floor starts filling up. This includes books and papers spilling out of DH’s laptop bag as well as power cords, computer magazines, mostly empty business bags for other projects, socks and old t-shirts that are being used for polishing boots, and various sundry other items. These items are usually larger and do not require lengthy time to sort through, though they must still be sorted. This time there was a partial bag of brand new socks that had to be folded and put into his sock drawer as well as cleaning out the old t-shirt drawer. Some of those were still nice enough and just the right size for DS to wear under shirts for church this winter. Those were tossed into the laundry basket to be washed on Wednesday and given to DS.

Along with sorting things back into appropriate bags, tossing papers, etc. I found DH’s crochet/knit bag for his hats for Click for Babies. That is now residing in his chair along with a spiral with a World Geography assignment to be graded. The last occupant of the chair is an iHome station for his iPhone that is working more as an iPod than a phone. According to DH, the “iPod” is on its last legs as it is having trouble holding a charge so he will need to decide how much space he wants to give to the iHome station. Edited to add: The iHome has found a new residence in “File #13” better known as the trash per DH.

The trash from around the house–with the exception of the kitchen trash–was added to the bag and it is now nicely full and ready for DS to take it out to the larger can which needs to be set at the curb for pickup this week. Any recyclable items were also pulled and put in a grocery bag to be put out by DD with the recycling container for pickup also this week.

After sandwiches for lunch, I am trying to decide whether to go out to the garden and pick things or check with DS to see if he still wants some of my time to play a computer game. I don’t want to miss this opportunity because some day he will be grown up and gone from the house and I don’t want to regret missed opportunities to spend time with him. The garden is important too, but it can be picked later when the sun isn’t trying to give me a last sunburn for the summer.

And yes, I haven’t forgotten the pictures. The first one is an older picture of my current knitting project. There are actually two panels of the moss stitch and three panels of the lace stitch. These alternate across so it is much wider than what you see here and now is almost double in height from this picture. I am not far from the end of skein #2.

This is a nice pastel blend that I wish they would make again.

This is a nice pastel blend that I wish they would make again.

Our as yet unsexed chick is growing and now gets to go out into the run each day with Mama. It is hard to get pictures because she keeps the chick behind her most of the time trying to protect it from everything.

"I snuck out from behind Mom1"

“I snuck out from behind Mom!”

With colder nights–woke up to 36° yesterday before I went to work, we figure we will have to put a heat lamp in the box soon, but so far Mom is keeping them both warm.

Our older chicks are about 17 weeks old and we are starting to get about two small eggs per day. I’m not sure which ones are laying, but hopefully all six will be laying soon. I am glad to see more eggs again. It would be wonderful if the older ones were inspired to lay more again.

DH is home, so I’m off to see if he can decipher what he wrote on a calendar from a meeting last week. Must get the dates in ours so we don’t miss something we should be doing! Good luck in your corner of the world with all you are trying to accomplish.


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4 Responses to Busy Labor Day!

  1. soknitsome says:

    Wow, you did achieve a lot! How satisfying. 🙂

  2. claire93 says:

    wanted to say, now you’ve cleaned up in your house, you can come and do mine ^^
    We’ve only been here 9 months but already, counters and every surface are cluttered with “stuff”

    • Every time I clean up, there is another counter or surface that piles up, so I do understand. Cleaning is a daily project, especially now with the garden needing to be cleaned and readied for winter. I think it is just part of life.

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