Finished canning peaches but much more to do

Last night I finished three days of canning in between a huge camporee out of town over the weekend, a 12-hour work shift on Sunday, and teaching DS. We were fortunate enough to glean peaches again a week ago this last Monday. DS and I picked enough to fill four 5-gallon buckets. One of the buckets ripened very quickly and had to be canned before the weekend, but the other three weren’t ready until this last Monday. DH helped me with the batch last week and then helped here and there with this weeks batches. I’m so glad for both DH and DS’s help.



We will be very thankful for these this winter. The picture above is only a portion of them. We put up a total of 47 quarts.

Next week I will take my canned apricots from two years ago and turn them into apricot jam. I found out that my family doesn’t eat canned apricots so well, well DS does, but when he eats too many, they go straight through him, so I need to either can them in pints or just make jam. I have quite a few frozen which are great for smoothies. We didn’t get any this year, so I will turn them into pints of jam so that I can use the quart jars to make applesauce sometime soon when we get to glean apples.

Tomorrow I have to either make tomato salsa or tomato/jalapeño pepper hot sauce and can it up with the tomatoes I have picked. We aren’t getting enough of them yet to can into quarts of tomato juice, but if I don’t use the ones we are getting, they will go bad, so I’m going to take that route tomorrow. We are getting low on both of these so we’ll see how that goes.

The garden still has okra, tomatoes, jalapeños, pepperoncinis, Anaheim peppers, and a couple of basil plants going to seed. I am hoping that I will have more basil next year. We do have one cucumber plant that with the cooler weather, it has decided to grow, so we are watering it to see what happens. I don’t think we have much to lose. We have begun to prepare the rest of the garden and yard for winter. This includes tree trimming, trimming of grass, etc. I am hoping that we will be able to spray the garden before too long and then till it in. It would be lovely to plant garlic, lettuce, and carrots to come up next spring. Supposedly you can plant those in October and they will stay dormant until spring because of the cold temperatures. I want to try it, though we will need to prep.

That crazy lady is out with her camera again, Mom!

That crazy lady is out with her camera again, Mom!

Baby chick is now two months old. We still don’t know if it is a rooster or a hen, but we are so hoping it will be a hen. It has a fat body like its mom who is a buff Orpington, but DS says it also has feathers like the white Silkie rooster.  We are enjoying watching mom and baby. So far they are being kept in the brooder box except during the day when they are now able to go out into the run. We have blocked access to the run from the other hens. And for an update on numbers, we now have 14 laying hens, two roosters, 1 momma hen, and 1 baby.

Knitting has ground to a standstill thanks to the aforementioned camporee. We had at least 100 people in attendance and fun was enjoyed by all. Unfortunately, DD and I had to come back Sabbath evening because I had work the next day. Now, I must get back to the baby blanket and finish it as the end of October will be here before I know it. Everything seems to need to be done at the same time.

For those who have not been able to leave comments, I have set this post–thought I had all of them set this way–to allow comments. I am hoping this will work but am wondering what changed. Thanks for your patience as I try to figure this out!


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