We’re still here!

There are no pictures tonight, but just wanted to let everyone know that we are still here and VERY busy! There are actually more things to do than I have time for, but I’m trying anyway. This post has been written and rewritten many times in my head, but never made it onto the screen, which is sad, but oh so true! So we are taking a few precious moments before I had one more appointment into a rapidly filling calendar and then I am off to try and knit my heart out for a grand niece while going over a proposed budget for a project in two years.

Last time I posted, there were apricots waiting to be made into jam. Those turned out to be a quick job, though I’m hoping they will last awhile. I went from 18 quarts of apricot halves to 21 pints of apricot jam. It was important to not add a  “ton” of sugar, but still have a nice jam. I also wanted to avoid pectin if I could, so after careful searching, a recipe was found in an older book on preserving that used lemon, apricots, and sugar. Since my canner only holds 7 pints or 7 quarts at a time, I chose to make one canner with added ginger, one plain, and the final one DS wanted me to try adding cinnamon to. So far there have been zero complaints, so I believe we are set for a while in this area.

The tomato vines need to be stripped and all green ones put in boxes in the garage until they ripen. Unless I’m mistaken, there won’t be that many so when I was offered tomatoes from a friend, I accepted. They should be brought over some time this week and my plan is to turn them into salsa or juice. I still have some pint jars that can be filled. Any left after that will be filled with apple butter. As of today, we haven’t received word that the apples are ready to glean and make into applesauce. I can’t wait, even though I’m plenty busy. There are five dozen quart jars waiting to be filled and depending on when I am able to go glean, there might be 1/2-1 more dozen. It would be nice as DS and DD are enjoying what little we have from last year.

The chickens are proving to be interesting these days. We have clipped three of the four blacks’ wings and none of the New Hampshire Reds. Pretty much every day, at least 1-2 escape into the yard and have to be chased back into their pen. Today, I forgot that we had let Scooter, our black cat, out and was busy working on homeschool projects. All of the sudden there was quite a racket in the pen and I heard rustling feathers. Looking up from my project, I saw that one of the New Hampshire Reds was out and the cat wasn’t too far away. He so badly wanted to make friends with the hen, but she was having none of it. I called to DS and after watching for a couple of minutes, he went out and chased her back in. Then he picked up Scooter and brought him into the house. We were hoping they would be deterred from escaping again for the rest of the day, but later this afternoon, one of the Reds was back out again. They just don’t know when to leave well enough alone. DS had to go back out and chase her back in. Unfortunately, Scooter wasn’t interested in being involved this time.

Planning is well underway for upcoming events with Pathfinders as well as events that are just under two years out. This leaves very little time for other activities, but I’m working hard to figure out how to juggle in time to sew some blouses/tops, skirts, and maybe a dress or two. What I wish I had time for was to learn how to make nice lingerie, but that is a whole other story for another day.

Lastly, at least for now is an update on the knitting. The blanket is approximately 4 rows away from being measured and then I hope to have enough done to bind it off and then pick up stitches to add the border. I am down to just over one skein of yarn so it will be a great game of yarn “chicken” to see who wins. One of my dear friends suggested that if I have to, I could add a border in the same type and weight of yarn, but a bit brighter pink to make the pink stand out a bit and “frame” the whole piece. This would probably work since it is for a little girl.

Wish me luck as I begin the “race” to see whether the yarn will win and I will need to order a couple of skeins of another color, or whether I will succeed. Hopefully all will be done and in place before the 29th of this month as I also need to frame another item to take with me when I travel. Oh yes, and the all important decision needs to be made as to what knitting project I will take with me for the plane time. Oh the fun!


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