Canning Season is over for now!

The canning “black hole” sucked me down into it and I thought I would never see daylight. The older I get, the more I understand why my mom insisted that we help her with the canning. Not only is it a good thing to learn, and trust me, you never quit learning. It also takes a lot of time when you don’t have as much help as your mother did. However, I am blessed with the help that I received.

While I was recently in California for a couple of days for my dad’s memorial, I received a text letting me know that apples were ready to be gleaned. This is something that I definitely did not want to miss this year as mine went bad on me last year before I could get them all put up. It didn’t matter to me how hard I would have to work this year, I would glean, process, and put up as many quarts of applesauce as I could. The blessing this year was that not only did DS go with me like usual, but DH went as well.

Battling nasty stickers that stuck to my pants–because I wore the wrong kind–and tromping from tree to tree, we were able to pick eight 5-gallon buckets full of Pink Lady apples. Some of you may not like these, but they make the very best applesauce. It is not too sweet or too tart, but just right. In the last two weeks between work, teaching DS, helping DD with labs, and a Pathfinder event, I have managed with help to put up 72 quarts of applesauce. The last ones were processed through the canner last night and after carefully adding the date to the lid, they were placed in a box in the garage to keep cool. Only 22 quarts found a place in the kitchen. The remaining 50 went to the shelves in the garage to sit with some tomato juice and canned peaches.

Just part of the batch

Just part of the batch

This year's salsa

This year’s salsa

NOW I can finish up some knitting projects and start new ones. I almost have a pair of boot socks completed for DS, DD’s sweater (yes, I only have part of a sleeve and can’t understand why it is taking so long). I see a swatching session in my future for DS’s sweater and another pair of socks cast on. I also need to search out a pattern for mittens for my niece for Christmas. She always likes a new pair and a hat if I have time. It amazes me that she likes homemade gifts so well as her mama isn’t so fond of them. I don’t even try to make them for her mama, but know that my niece will appreciate a new pair of mittens.

So, I’m off to finish the boot socks before bedtime, if possible. Hope your knitting and preserving is going well, too!

Contented pals

Contented pals


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4 Responses to Canning Season is over for now!

  1. claire93 says:

    well done on all those preserves and hope you have fun crafing now the chores are done ^^

    • Thank you! A pair of boot socks have been completed except for weaving in the ends and I am hoping more crafting will take place this week. I know of a sweater to finish and another to make. They are both calling my name. šŸ™‚

  2. Pink lady apples are my favourite eating apple. Your canned foods look incredibly tasty. Well done!

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