Birthday Present Sewing

Amongst all the rest of the crafting that has been going on since my last post is the sewing of a birthday present before the end of the year. My niece will be turning 10 and this is probably the last time she will be interested in receiving anything for her American Girl dolls. Thankfully, she loves homemade things so I can make rather than try to get accessories or clothes at reasonable prices.

The following project–a garment bag to hold four outfits for her doll–didn’t take all that long, however it as started right after Thanksgiving. You know how it is with one of those projects that you don’t need immediately and something else MUST be done NOW! So it was started–barely–and then set aside until yesterday when I decided it had to be finished. After all, the birthday is Friday with the party on Saturday night. So without further ado, here is the information:

Fabric: Scrap of 2-3 yards from stash sent by my mom

Batting: Cotton scrap because that is what I had

Stuffing: Polyfil purchased at Wal-Mart because I had run out

Incidental but important items: 1 22″ zipper found in stash, 1 spool of 5/8″ grosgrain ribbon, 3/4 yard of 1″ wide webbing for handles, 1 package of 4 coat hooks and eyes, thread from my stash, old Simplicity pattern #5421

Here’s a picture of the pattern which I’m not even sure if it is available anymore:


Pictures of finished garment bag:


Closed/hanging garment bag


Closed/hanging garment bag


Closed/hanging garment bag


Closed/hanging garment bag

I’m not sure why WordPress insisted on making that last picture sideways, but hopefully you get the idea. This really was a quick project. I did choose to use a buttonhole-style stitch to attach the hooks and eyes so that they hopefully will stay on a lot longer. If you sew and/or quilt, many of these items will be in your stash already. My only purchase was matching ribbon–my daughter hates ribbons on her clothes, the webbing for the handle, the polyfil, and the hooks and eyes–$10 at most. Everything else came from my stash.

Now to make the fancy dress that will be put on one of these hangers before it is all zipped up and given to the young lady. Here’s hoping that I will get done in time because the dress has tiny buttons, tiny sleeves with piping, and lots of tiny parts. Maybe I’m glad that she’s growing out of this stage. Tiny parts are a challenge for me now. Still, I am looking forward to seeing her face!


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  1. Lindashee says:

    It’s a great idea of a gift for a little girl ! Very nice, and the fabric is very fitting, flowery, but not too girly.

    • Thank you! I’m hoping she approves as well. The bodice of the dress for her doll is almost done. Very fiddly small parts with piping and I will be glad when it is done.

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