Anyone here?

No this isn’t about people reading so much as about me blogging. It has been so hard for me to get into the blogging “mood”. I have lots to do and plenty I could blog about but every time I think about it, something or someone distracts me and time has run away with me again. My apologies to those who so graciously wait for me to come up for air!

Aside from youth group activities and planning which I should be doing right now, we are back at the schoolwork, busy with my job, and trying to squeeze in some crafting. So without further ado, I’ll try to make a quick list of active and/or finished projects–including a sad tale on one. In no particular order:

Cross stitch stocking for DD: This project had to be started over and I decided this was the year to make it happen. For the restart, I am using evenweave in white and hoping this will help with quarter and half stitches. Always before I have used Aida cloth and either fought with those partial stitches or been really bad and just skipped them. I like to think that I have grown in my stitching and can now use something besides Aida cloth to make my projects. The middle of the project was determined and a section of either a christening dress or a doll dress has been stitched. This was near the center, though why I chose to stitch it first I’ll never know. Stitching white on white is so not fun! Yesterday I added DMC 648 to it and that helped a bit, but I think I need to find a section with more color!

Cross stitch stocking for DS: Yes, I’m endeavoring to get both kids’ stockings done this year. The designs are similar as far as style, but unlike DD’s, this one will be more for a boy. Patterns come from the “Cross Stitch and Country Craft” magazine that is no longer in print. I saved patterns for these with the hope that someday I would get them done. This year has been designated as “someday”. I will need to purchase more evenweave for this one as I want to follow up on what I am doing for DD.

Boot socks for DS: These were finished and actually were on his feet when he left for overnight snow camping this morning. Knitting socks for DS is always a pleasure because I know that they will be worn, well-used, and best of all loved! With size 13 feet, these were not so bad as they were made with DK yarn and knit up quickly.

Ponchos for DSIL and DN: Granny square ponchos were finished for DSIL and DN (niece). Unfortunately I was not able to finish DSIL’s until after Christmas, however DN informed me that these were all the rage right now, but too expensive in the store so she was very happy to have one.

And now for the good and the bad! Two cowls needed to be made for to lovely sisters who are friends of the family. The first one was made from scraps of green Cascade 220 that could be blended together. Every row was a different skein of the three different greens and the blending turned out well. One of them was a heathered shade which was a nice contrast and didn’t take away from the pattern. All was good and this one was finished within a week of dedicated knitting!
The second cowl was to be made from some Paton’s wool worsted weight that was a lovely blue and had been marinating in my stash for 3-4 years. The good news: It had been in a separate Ziplock gallon bag all by itself. I cast on the 220 stitches and proceeded to knit away. Like many of my knitting friends I didn’t listen to that inner “voice” that warned me several times early in the project that I should just give up and toss the whole mess. And if you are asking “why”? Every two or three rows, I would have a section of 1-2″ in length that would look like the yarn had frayed a bit and I would have to cut that out and then continue on. I did continue to keep it in its separate Ziplock bag but also ignored that “voice” that kept telling me that I was wasting my time.
Skein #2 was added and about 2/3 of the way through the entire project I suddenly had a break in the yarn. Carefully picking up the second skein, I discovered a nasty small and very dead brown bug. Now that “voice” was “yelling” at me to put it all back in the bag and bury it in the outside trash bin. Upon further inspection, there were horrid tiny, tiny white eggs. A rapid stuffing into the bag and I went off to bed in a high dungeon! All of that work only to find this evidence!
After a restless night, I informed DH–who knew I was trying to get this project finished so the two cowls could be gifted–that even though the project was not done and I hate with a passion to throw away good yarn that we have spent money for, the entire mess was going into the trash bin. Of course, when I explained why, he totally understood, but I was so very unhappy. And I told him that I would have to go buy new yarn and start over but I wasn’t going to buy that yarn again! Ok, logically I knew that it was a long time ago when I bought it, but still…I  needed yarn that didn’t require special care as it was to be a gift for someone who would appreciate it, but didn’t need to have to do anything special when it needed to be washed.
The rest of the stash where this yarn had been kept was inspected and all is good as it was all separately bagged. Two new skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Blue Heather were purchased last Wednesday, and 220 new stitches were cast on Thursday evening after other chores. I read the pattern and realized that unlike the previous yarn, I would need a third skein, so yesterday I went back to the store and managed to find one more skein in the same dye lot. I think it was the only one in the bin, though I didn’t go through the entire bin to find out. My time is more limited than before so I haven’t gotten too far, but at least I am now in the honeycomb part and hopefully will get it done soon.
I had read about these experiences that other people had encountered on other blogs and hoped that I wouldn’t have to go through it, but now I have. All that work is gone and away. The one big plus out of this whole mess is that in having to start over, I hope to speed up my knitting even a bit more. This pattern has improved my speed in knitting and I am grateful for that. And, my stash has been thoroughly inspected and all wool yarn for individual projects has been put in its individual Ziplock bag in hopes that any other beastie infestations will be minimized. I am so grateful that I was already doing this, but had considered making fabric bags for each project. This is so not happening unless the fabric bag can fit over the entire project in its Ziplock bag.
Finally, I am still hoping that sometime this year–yeah right!–that I will be able to pick out a pattern for a quilt and begin working on it. However, my priorities are getting DS through his junior year of high school homeschool, Pathfinder/youth group activities, taking care of DD’s needs, getting ready for eight Astralorp chicks to arrive the second week of February, starting plants for this year’s garden, and most importantly, taking care of my sweetheart of almost 26 years. He will be traveling for work in the very near future and so I will need to hold the home front together! Wish me lots of luck!

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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother, chauffeur/riding companion to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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  1. Wow, you have been extremely busy, and have such good ideas and intentions for the new year.
    Wishing you all the very best, sounds amazing.
    Keep it up! 🙂

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