Update as of 02-08-16

A quick update is in order on the first stocking. In the last three days I haven’t added to it, but since the earlier post and up until the last three days, I was able to stitch a bit each day. There has been some progress and I am ready to add the 4th color in this area. Yes, there is white stitches in between the beaver gray DMC, but you still can’t see them real well. Hopefully when I add more around it and the back stitching it will show up better.


Some progress 02-08-16


With a penny for size comparison

It is my hope to start adding the 4th color into this which will give more definition around the bottom of that skirt. This is stitched on 28-count evenweave two-over-two. It took a bit of getting used to because my last project was 28-count evenweave one-over-one, but the eyes quickly adjusted to seeing the stitches and I like this one ever so much better than the one that I made for DH years ago on 18-count Aida. Please excuse the shadow on the picture but I didn’t want to wash out the colors by turning on my stitching light.

The cowl has not been touched much since last week because of other demands, however there has been a secret crochet project that just needs two more to be finished. I am hoping to mail one of them off in the next couple of days and probably will be able to reveal everything next week. This project was the reason that the cross stitch didn’t get touched. It is my hope to give cross stitch at least an hour or two of my time before bedtime tonight, but we will see what happens.

Now, I’m off to pull the last load (sleeping bag, etc) out of the dryer and wait for the two loaves of banana bread to come out of the oven. It was important that four very ripe bananas be used up and since I can’t eat them (very allergic 😦 ) and DS doesn’t typically put them in smoothies, it was time for banana bread which for some very strange reason I can eat. Just can’t enjoy the raw ones unless I want to start upchucking with no end in sight. But then none of us really wanted to think of that so enough is enough. The banana bread hopefully be delicious, though I chose to use shortening instead of butter as my butter was not soft and I wasn’t patient enough to wait for it to be soft. Thankfully my mixer and blender both got a nice workout.

So it’s off to chores and projects I go. First thing this afternoon, DS and I will have schoolwork to go over. MUST. GO. NOW. and take advantage of my opportunities.


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3 Responses to Update as of 02-08-16

  1. Great work on the progress of the sock. Well done.
    Banana bread is lovely. I have a recipe that uses (all our overripe) bananas and oats. Its nice, moist and delicious, loved by the family. I am sure yours will be just as tasty.
    Enjoy your chores and projects, take care. 🙂

  2. Barbara says:

    I do love those colors – very serene! I hope the chores went well and that no banana-upchucking happened. 😉

    • Thank you! I am hoping there are some brighter colors soon although this pattern is in a “country” type style so it may be a bit subdued. Still it is pretty in the picture. Chores went well and while I haven’t tasted the banana bread yet, it will be eaten soon and yes, no upchucking, thank goodness!

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