It’s my mom’s fault–again :)

This morning I woke up after a very short night of sleep to the knowledge/realization that I needed to get some bread made as I was running low in the freezer. Usually this means that I put enough ingredients in the bread machine pan and set it to make the dough and walk away to do other things. However, my bread machine pan has bitten the dust and the center fell out and apart. To replace it is $48 plus shipping at the cheapest and I can purchase a new machine for not too much more. However, we have other priorities right now, so getting a new pan or a new machine just isn’t that high up on the list.

When you are raised in a home where your mom makes homemade bread and you have been taught how to make it, you most likely have a hard time purchasing bread and if you do purchase it, no one can really stand it. DS loves to wad a slice into a ball and then show it to me. Really good bread from the store is also quite expensive and I can make it for less. For the last 2-3 weeks I have been making bread every few days, a couple of loaves at a time. Between carpel tunnel syndrome in both wrists and the beginnings of arthritis, kneading more than two loaves at a time really isn’t an option. Purchasing bread isn’t either. It’s my mom’s fault! 🙂 I just can’t bring myself to do it.

So first I also mixed up a batch of homemade granola–also a recipe from my mom.


Ready to go into the oven

Now the recipe said that I needed to bake it at 300°F for 1 hour, stirring every 30 minutes. By the end of the hour, it still wasn’t very dry so I baked it for another 30 minutes. When it came out, I was much more pleased with it. After cooling, I put it into a plastic container. My question is: How long will it last?

While the granola was baking I started two loaves of cracked wheat bread. First I had to soak the cracked wheat in hot water with salt, yeast, and canola oil for 30 minutes. Then I worked in whole wheat flour, white flour, and yeast.


Ready to go into the oven

After letting it rise in the microwave for 60 minutes, it was ready to form into two loaves for the final rising.


Ready to go into the oven

I didn’t get a picture of the final product, but suffice it to say that the bread rose really well. I am hoping that it will be good!


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