Dare I write a post without pictures to back me up? This one will be short and sweet.

The stocking is going well, though much slower than I like. I don’t have a picture to show that I have moved up from the other area with the white “dress”. There is also more confetti below where I was working last. Hopefully I will have a picture by Thursday evening to add.

My only other crafting project right now is very deceitful. I have been knitting on the blue Honey Cowl for quite some time now and finally added in the third skein. Knowing that the whole third skein wouldn’t be needed I started measuring on Friday to see how close I was to the 11″ wide. After measuring several times, I decided that there was only about 1/2″ needed to go. That didn’t sound all that bad, so I renewed my efforts and figured after knitting 4-6 rounds of 220 stitches each that I would be able to knit the rolled edge and call it good. As deceitful as my cowl turned out to be, when I measured it the next day–several times, I might add–it looked more like I had 1″ of 220-stitch rounds to get the job done.

Needless to say I was frustrated as I really would like to see the end of the project. Doubling down, I knit and knit and knit while reading a book on my Kindle. Unfortunately, after carefully measuring last night, I now find myself back at still needing 1/2″ of the main pattern. Being so close to the finish, I know that I can get it done, but seriously, can’t it be honest with me?!

Tonight it will not get any love from me as DD wants to spend time playing with me on a game, so maybe the whole project will feel neglected enough to not try any more of its deceitful tricks! Tomorrow I must somehow get it closer to the end as I don’t want to take it with me this weekend. I really would like to work on something else for a change!


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