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This morning my DFIL sent me a text to remind me that I needed to vote. It was on today’s agenda, but I have to admit it was nice to receive the reminder.

Thinking that was probably all I would hear from him today, I was surprised a short time later to receive a call from him. It seems that while he and DSIL and DNiece were packing for a trip out of town tomorrow, they pulled out all of the luggage and decided to get rid of what they didn’t need. He suggested that I might want to look over what they were going to get rid of to see if I wanted to update any of ours. Not wanting to waste an opportunity and knowing that at least one of our suitcases was going to have to go the way of the trash can, I suggested that perhaps a bit later in the morning I could go check things out.

What a pleasant surprise awaited me! There were two large suitcases with smaller cases inside. All had well working wheels (the one we needed to replace didn’t have wheels any more and you just had to carry it) and were in good condition. There was also a soft side suitcase (no real structure to it), two duffle bags, and a hanging suit bag. Since we were going to travel again this weekend and later in the year, it was a blessing to be able to snag these.


DH’s New to him Suitcase


DH’s New to him Suitcase

I wasn’t expecting anything special, but these will definitely work for us for quite some time. And now DS will be able to have his pick of our two older ones that have working wheels until he graduates and receives his full brand-new luggage set like DD. So nice that we all have nice luggage for this weekend’s trip out of town.


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