Hmmmm….and how time does fly!

March has been a busy month and it isn’t over yet. So much to catch everyone up on and so much yet to do! So I think I will start with the cross stitch stocking for DD. It hasn’t been touched in over a week, but here it is at the end of the last session:


Small progress as of March 9

It has been calling to me all this week during Spring Break, but no time for it or any of my usual crafting. Such a bummer. As you can see, I was able to put in most of the white of this little dress. At this rate, if I don’t dedicate some serious time to it, this one won’t be done for Christmas this year, much less the one for DS.

Two weeks ago, after making sure that the flock of chickens and the eight new baby chicks would be all set for two nights away, we all piled into the car to head to Washington. Plans had been in the works since January to attend a full weekend of meetings combined with the Pathfinder Bible Experience competition for the five-state region. The only downside to this whole adventure was a missed day of work on Sunday–that’s half a paycheck gone! Someone, who will not be named, decided to stay up and bind off a knitting project that was almost done and didn’t want to make the trip. Bind off was over 440 stitches and seemed to take forever. Nevertheless, we headed off for a 7-8 hour drive. DH was chief driver, DD was working on a paper that had to be finished by the time we arrived AND submitted online, DS had books to read, and my knitting was in tow to hopefully keep me awake. Several projects were taken along–you know how easy it is to take more than you will finish, but all that you would like to accomplish–but only the diamond lace ankle socks saw any significant time:


Almost to the heel increases

I’m not super fond of toe-up socks, however this pattern is not that hard and the diamond lace is just enough to keep me awake. My small problem was that I forgot how to work the short row heel so after I completed the increases, I had to put this project away. This was compounded by the fact that I didn’t have the YouTube video to remind me how to do this. Out came my Kindle, and I worked on a book that I had been reading by Amy Tan.

Once we arrived, we headed on out to sightsee as we were a bit earlier than intended. While we didn’t have time to go all the way up to Seattle, we did visit Olympia and one other town. It was raining off and on most of the way and didn’t seem to want to quit all weekend. The meetings and fellowship were wonderful! The competition was great! DH gave a presentation on Sunday morning regarding plans for a Camporee in 2017 and we came away with lots of great information as well as having presented lots.

Our drive back was pretty much rain all the way except for a small stretch in a high pass where we encountered a bit of slushy “snain”.


Sloppy weather conditions


Thankfully the roads were not slick, and it didn’t last that long. We were caravanning with another gentleman in his vehicle, making stops together, and it was nice to have that extra company. Unfortunately, we didn’t get home until 9:30 pm. It felt lots later because we were all tired and the time had changed that morning.

After a quick week where both DS and DD tried to get everything done to relax over Spring Break, we all rushed off to a local church last Sabbath morning for a program being provided at church for by one of our Pathfinder clubs. It was wonderful to see the kids and staff participating in and providing the various parts of the morning service. A restful afternoon was followed by finally getting together with DH’s side of the family for a meal and fun evening. We hadn’t done that in over a month despite living across the street from each other. A wonderful meal of baked potatoes with trimmings, steamed broccoli, chipotle sourdough bread followed by a made-from-scratch yellow cake topped with strawberry cream cheese frosting and vanilla ice cream.

A deep sigh of relief that Spring Break was finally here was taken by all!



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  1. Time does fly, does it not. 🙂
    Love the stitching, every stitch counts. Gorgeous socks, such a happy colour combination.
    Take care and enjoy your Spring Break. 🙂

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