Spring Break is almost gone!

And I’m not too pleased that it has been so short. DH had this week off as vacation, which has been really nice. He and DS had a large project planned, but the weather has conspired to keep them from finishing it, so more work on it will have to happen after work and school this next week. So what was it they were working on?

Two of our hens have been making it very clear that they are not being kept in by the current fence around their pen. We had pretty much given up keeping them in and I was really worried about what this was going to do to the garden in another month or two. One particular black Astralorp hen blatantly flew up and over the gate several times a day–both in and out of the pen! When DS would go back out to chase her in, she would walk over to the gate and wait for him to open it so she could go through. Despite repeated “fixes” to the current fence, it was clear a change was needed. We also knew that whatever change was decided on would have to be more permanent and secure so that we wouldn’t have to keep changing the game plan.

DH and DS plotted and planned and came up with a battle strategy. It was going to be a bit expensive, but it was going to be pretty permanent and allow us to not have “fix” it in temporary ways. The local D&B Supply was asked if they had 6 foot high chicken fence when the local Lowe’s could only get 4 foot high fence. A trip was made to Lowe’s for 8 foot 4×4 posts, 1×4 boards for slats, concrete, fence staples, and a pick axe. Twine was stretched between stakes to mark a line where a 6-inch deep trench was dug with 2-foot deep holes periodically for the posts to be put in.

The next day work commenced on digging holes and the trench. After a busy, sweaty time of digging with the pick axe, a couple of shovels, and a post-hole digger, DS and DH were pretty sore. Tuesday saw DH headed off to the site of the Camporee for 2017 with one of his staff. They were meeting with people to ask questions and make plans. The same day saw, DS digging another section of trench and the holes. Meanwhile DD continued her afternoon work schedule and I began planning for DS’s final year of high school as a homeschooler next year.

On Wednesday the final section of trench and holes was dug. In the process of this section, DH discovered that he would have to go purchase 2-3 more posts and more concrete. The 6-foot high fencing also had to be purchased along with a bag of chick grower feed. While they were purchasing the fencing, gates were checked out. The only one available was going to cost $80. Thankfully DH decided it would be better to buy supplies and make a nice gate.

Thursday was supposed to be a day when the posts would be set in concrete so that fencing could be put on and the project could be mostly finished. Unfortunately, the weather decided to not play very nicely and it sprinkled off and on all day which meant that the concrete wouldn’t set. After DD was picked up from work, we all went to Subway for sandwiches and then out for an evening of fun. Everyone had been working hard in one way or another all week. My hard work, however did not include crafting which was most frustrating.

Mother Nature decided to play nicely today and a block of time was found where though cool, the sun shown and concrete was poured for posts to be set. Nine posts later, they ran out of concrete and Mother Nature said, “Enough!” Thankfully it didn’t rain, but just sprinkled here and there. Hopefully they will be able to move it further along Sunday.

Additionally, DH put in the new dining room light. The original light fixture hanging over the table was not working properly and one of its little bulbs would not come out. Another was broken and the remaining three didn’t put out enough light. So a new light was purchased and installed. It uses standard bulbs so the LED bulb that was given to me at my last Employee Forum meeting at work was put to work. We will see how long it lasts. When it quits, we will put in a 100-watt bulb which should provide a lot more light than previously. My eyes will certainly appreciate the change.

As you can see, it has been busy here, though the details are not laid out fully. We are ready for a quiet Sabbath followed by a family dinner with everyone over tomorrow evening. A banana bundt cake has been baked and is just waiting for a lemon drizzle over the top and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream beside each slice. Taco casserole will be put together and baked tomorrow right before supper so it tastes fresh. DSIL is hopefully bringing over salad and bread. Then for Sunday, the cycle starts all over again–work, homeschool, Pathfinders, appointments, etc. We are so blessed to have each day to fill up!

Happy Sabbath to each of my readers!

PS: Strangely enough the hens have declined to fly over since fence building began, even though the actual fencing has not been put up yet. Too many people in the yard and too much activity, I would guess!


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