Way too busy!

It is that time of year when no matter how fast I go or how hard I push, there is more to do than there is time for. The Pathfinder season is ending–particularly with the Annual Fair tomorrow. Club Investitures will be happening frequently during the month of May. Summer will be filled with planning for the joint Camporee between the Montana and Idaho conferences to be held in August 2016 and plans being finalized for a five-state Camporee hosted by our conference in September 2017. That doesn’t include all the planning for events throughout the year. DH was just mentioning the other day that his calendar is now being scheduled out three years in advance.

Another school year will be done in a week for DD and 3 1/2 weeks for DS. DD is taking her time through college and working as well. She prefers this pace even though it will take her longer as she doesn’t feel stressed for now and she is paying her tuition with no loans to face later. That may change in the next few years, but for now it works. DS will be a high school senior this  next year. He is hoping to work part-time as well so he will be busy. Somewhere after he finishes, he will get his driver’s license and maybe his motorcycle license so that he can purchase a used motorcycle to take himself back and forth to work. While I’m not too excited about the motorcycle idea, I get the economics of that decision. Knowing him it will be a two-seater so he can take his girlfriend with him places part of the time. Not sure what her parents will think of that, but we will see.

Cross-stitching on the stocking is still happening but not as often as I would like. My hope/desire is to have it finished by the end of June, however that may be a bit unrealistic. There are just too many things interfering with my plans right now.Stay tuned for a picture eventually.

Concrete blocks, manure, and topsoil were purchased last week to make a raised bed. Eventually we hope to have the whole garden as raised beds, however it isn’t a cheap or quick transition. DS laid out the first bed complete with cardboard boxes in the bottom. He still has to mix more soil to put in and fill to the top. I am hoping to put in some of my tomatoes and have him put soil around them to the top In the “holes” of the blocks, I hope to plant marigold seeds, garlic, and scallions to  make total use of all space. Meanwhile, DH has to spray the garden and then till it so I can plant the rest. We did decide that we will need to purchase additional blocks and soil to make one more bed so we can move our blueberry bushes and our one surviving blackberry bush. Then we will have to make do until next year.

The baby Astralorps are almost three months old. I would love to let them out with the rest of the flock however we need to keep them on “grow” feed for at least two more months and our flock needs to stay on layer feed. DH and DS also need to add to the chicken coop as there is not enough room or roosts for everyone combined. Right now it works well because the chicks are in the brooder house and have access to the run. It has been just cool enough that we have left the plastic on the run for now. The new fence has kept the older hens inside the pen and now I just need to transplant some mint from my herb bed to their pen and also start the protected greenery for them using the gate from the former fence. I found a cool idea for that on Pinterest and just need to make it happen.

So, yes, we are way too busy and there is more than enough to keep us busy for quite a bit of the summer. I sure can’t wait until our vacation towards the end of June! I will just have to sneak some cross stitching and knitting into my suitcase. And maybe I will get to tuck in my supplies to learn how to tat! Then to just work on it while we’re away…too much I want to do! 🙂

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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother, chauffeur/riding companion to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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  1. mandymunroe says:

    We’ve just had a raised bed put in for a few beans, great to be out in the garden at last. Hope you find time to sew soon!

    • I hope so too. This is last week of homeschooling for this year so maybe I can before the garden comes up, though I cannot wait until it does. Sounds silly since I just planted it but I love gardening.

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