Flu in the house and progress as of 05/05/16 (with pictures)

Sadly my current progress has come at the expense of DD being home sick and not going to work. Tuesday evening when I picked her up from work, she complained of a sore throat but she ate a good supper. A bit after 2 am on Wednesday, she came in our room and woke me up looking for cough drops as she could not go back to sleep for her throat hurting. I made sure she had a handful of Ricolas and went back to sleep. When I woke up to check on her and get everyone up for the day at about 6:50 am, DD did not want to get out of bed or eat. Her nose was stuffy, her throat was sore, and she said she was achy. There was one problem, though. She needed to make a couple of edits to her final paper and turn it in as it was due, and she needed to decide about going to work.

After a few bites of cold applesauce, the paper was finished and then she started the debate about whether or not she should go in to work. By this time she was chilling and had a low-grade fever in addition to the previous symptoms and no energy. A call was made to work and DD crawled back into bed. I knew at that point she was not feeling well at all. DD NEVER crawls into bed willingly in the middle of the day unless she is sick. Lunch was more a pplesauce and after a brief round of being on her computer, she headed back to rest.

Around 4 o’clock I checked her forehead and she was finally running a regular temperature (99.4°). Even though it wasn’t much, I decided to watch her. A supper of macaroni and cheese, salad, and cottage cheese was eaten chased by two Tylenol as her temperature climbed to 101.2° in the hour and a half it took to prepare supper. DD was feeling much better and stayed up on her computer for awhile.

And now, I suppose you are probably wondering when I am going to talk about the progress on the Christmas stocking for DD. I am enjoying stitching the stocking on the 28-count evenweave as the 1/2 stitches are so much easier to do. There are two small areas of petit point that I am not sure about, but I hope to progress to them very soon.


Progress as of 04/26/16

The petit point is in between the two small areas of red stitchees in the center between the two areas. One is of a bouquet picture having on the wall. As you can see I started the window panel on the right.


Progress as of 05/05/16

There is more of the window up above the line, but at this point, I only have two rows to fill in on this section. I will then either tackle the petit point in between or work on filling in the area below the window. I have no clue if I will have the cross stitch portion of this stocking completed by the end of June, but I sure would like to be close if not done. Then I will have the second half of the year to tackle DS’s stocking.

I hope to update again real so on with more progress, so stay tuned!


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  1. Love your progress, it is really stunning so far.
    Hope you all feel well soon, take care and get rest and relax a bit when you can. Hugs to all. xx

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