Master TLT at last!

During the last 3-4 years DS has been working on a specific project in Pathfinders: completing the Teen Leadership Training (TLT) program. This has been in addition to his regular classwork and honors completion each year. During this time he has been learning how to lead and teach his peers and those in lower levels so that if he chooses someday, he can become a staff member or even director. Not only has he been in classes for leadership training, but he has also assisted in planning of events and camporees at both the club and conference levels. After the planning, he has been involved in each event, assisting the current leadership and learning how to facilitate activities for each one.

This last Sunday at the annual Pathfinder Fair for our conference, he was awarded his Master TLT honors: pin, certificate and addition to cords (coming in less than two weeks). I am proud of him for seeing this through and working so very hard!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

DS being pinned by DH

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Proudly displaying his new pin (the one with wings) on his pocket.



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  1. Awesome, and congratulations to him. Well done!!

  2. Congratulations!! That is quite the accomplishment!

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