Garden Tilled & Half Planted

Between weather, schedules, and activities, it has been hard for DH to find time to till the garden in. After pretty much coming close to giving up, today was our lucky day. Yesterday and today we finally didn’t have rain. DH was not on the overtime list and so had time to rent the tiller and prep the garden. This year he decided to till it deeply the regular direction but then he leveled/prepped it the opposite direction. I was quite skeptical about why this was a good idea but after planting the first half of the bgarden and feeling the soil, I believe this was a wonderful idea. The soil is loamy and soft and was a real pleasure to plant in. 20160525_153856


The following items were planted before dark tonight: red onions, yellow onions, beets, lettuce, carrots, kale, spinach, beets, and green beans. Tomomrrow I will finish up, hopefully with DS’s help and we will plant: pickling cucumbers, salad cucumbers, yellow summer squash, zucchini squash, cantelope, and watermelon. Then we will have to water it all in, chase away the starlings which are in abundance this year, and I will try to have to have patience while waiting to see what will come up. This is the latest that I have planted a garden. We usually have a short growing season but the weather is so weird this year that only time will tell. It has been hot and then cold, then hot, then cold, and so who knows how it will work out. For now I am just thrilled to pieces that it is almost fully planted.

We also had to dig up the blueberry bush that was still alive. It is now residing in a 5 gallon bucket of dirt and we will see how it does. I want to make a raised bed just for it and possible the blackberry bush that I have to locate again. If we get a chance with all of our projects, I hope to make wood frames for more raised beds for next year. It is our hope to convert the garden over to raised beds that will take up about half the space.

The tomatoes that were planted in the one raised bed that was built this spring are slowly coming out of shock. Pretty soon I will have to figure out how to stake or cage them. The herbs in the front garden are doing well. It is too bad that we can’t harvest our rhubarb this year but it is the first year and needs to be established, so we will wait another year. and lastly, the apple trees don’t have any apples on them. I suspect that we are still in that early stage when the trees are still growing. At least they are growing still, along with our two peach trees. Now to just add a walnut tree or two and some other bushes. Soon we will have it all finished. Oh, I mustn’t forget that I hope to eventually have a strawberry bed.

One step at a time we will slowly move forward. First to finish planting the garden and DH will pick up parts to build a new sprinkler for the garden! I can’t wait to see what we will get. I have been watching everyone else’s gardens so now I’ll watch mine.


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  1. That’s sounds like a lot of progress! I hope you’ll see the rewards for your efforts sprouting very soon 🙂

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