Blackberry cuttings and planting finished

When I went over to my DFIL this morning, he was home. Usually he has already headed out to check in with one or all three of his volunteer jobs in the area. Instead he was getting ready to head out for a long weekend of camping with his dog RV-style about 45 minutes from home. During our chat, I asked if he had any areas on his blackberry vines that I could take cuttings. He has these wonderful vines that are thornless and I have asked him several times. Luckily he was ready to give some up as his vines are so thick it is hard for him (or should I say “me”) to pick them. I was able to get eight nice cuttings which I put in the back of the raised bed. If I keep them moist, I am hoping that I will have rooted cuttings in 3-4 weeks and maybe next year if we baby them through a cold winter with mulching and such, we will have our own blackberries. 20160526_113020

I wish I could add a second bed, but that won’t happen quite yet. So I keep cramming things in the edges for now. I will be watering daily and hopefully adding mulch that we will make from the bushes we trimmed out front so that this bed will be good and my cuttings will thrive.

The rest of the garden is planted: pickle cucumbers, salad cucumbers, watermelon, cantelope, zucchini, and yellow summer squash. DH will hopefully get a much larger sprinkler or at least the parts for one on his way home from work so that we can water everything in. The soil is so nice, but is drying out. Thankfully the next five days will be in the mid- to upper-70s which will be nice. Just warm enough to make things think about growing. I do so love this time of year.


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