Stocking Update with Pictures

While impatiently waiting on something to come up in the garden (which I was informed may be hampered again this year by the nasty gophers–more later on that), I have been working on DD’s Christmas stocking and a miscellaneous colored crocheted throw (trying out a new pattern before investing in lots of new yarn). Here’s the last pictures as of this morning: 20160601_075703

While it doesn’t look like a huge amount has been done since the 5th of May,the right top portion is just waiting for outlining and an overlay of white to complete the curtains on that window. After putting in all of the brown (DMC 435), I decided to get the small picture on the wall out of the way. It is petite cross stitch, one thread over one. This was completed very late last night when I should have been sleeping. 20160601_075710

Here is a bit closer picture of the work. When I roll the fabric down and complete the top of the stocking, I have one more of these to complete just above it. Everything else on the stocking is 2 over 2 for which I am grateful as I am using 28-count evenweave to stitch on. So far I am enjoying this and while feeling the “pressure” to complete the whole cross stitch portion by the end of June, I am trying to resist that stress and enjoy the process. Having extra time each day right now while the days get warmer and warmer (90-97° in the next 5-7 days) has helped in this. DD goes to work at 10 a.m. and while I have things to do, I usually wake up quite early and get them started and/or done before then. DS is done with school and helps with yardwork, etc. so there is time for now. When the garden starts growing (though I hope the weeds take their time), I won’t have as much time so I’m trying to work hard on it for onw.

The crocheted throw is my carry-along project when I am going to pick DD up from work. I have completed one repeat and am partway through the next one. 20160601_114612

In an effort to use up my acrylic stash, some of which was given to me despite my efforts to get rid of all my acrylic, I decided to trial this pattern. It is only supposed to be with six colors, however I didn’t have the right shades or even something close to it, and as stated before, I really wanted to use up some stash. As I worked along, I realized I needed more than one green and DD said she had a skein of dark forest green that she didn’t want. However, I had no organge, no purple, and a very pale pink that barely contrasted with the white. So even though I didn’t want to purchase more yarn, I cheated and added three skeins, one each of the aforementioned colors. This pattern is from Simply Crochet magazine which I ordered digitally from the UK after seeing another version on a blog. The pattern is very easy to memorize and has just enough change to keep you from being totally bored. It also lends itself well to the changes I have made to it. There will be 7-8 repeats of the 21 colors that I have, unless I run out of yarn before (which could happen with some colors). Depending on what I run out of will determine whether or not I decide to buy more to fill in the gaps or just skip over. I started on the left with a dark navy blue and ended the first repeat with the black before starting over. So far there isn’t a huge dent in my stash so we will keep crocheting along and see what happens. When I make the next one, I hope to make it more afghan size so I will need at least twice as much yarn.

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