Stocking Update 06/12/16

In an effort to get more done on DD’s Christmas stocking, I put in a good bit of dedicated time this last week. This meant that I either had to work on it before the kids woke up, or while DD was at work. While reaching my goal of having the cross stitching done by the end of June doesn’t look too promising, I am a lot further along. This was my progress as of the first of June: 20160601_075703

And this is my progress as of the 10th of June: 20160610_212937

It seems like there is a good bit of confetti in the lower right section, but it is slowly coming together. I am anxious to finish this section and then roll it up or down to start another section. The biggest difference I have found between this stocking and when I made the one for DH years ago, is  that stitching on evenweave makes it so much easier to put in 1/2 stitches. I now know that I will finish all of the stockings on evenweave or linen and I hope to eventually redo DH’s on evenweave. It is pretty now, but will look much nicer done “properly”.

Just a quick note on the Diamond Throw: I am in the 3rd repeat of the 21 colors. I have run out of the very light yellow and will not be purchasing more to finish it. I still have a slightly darker yellow that I will continue to use. Perhaps a picture will be available in a future post, but for now, the cross stitch pictures will have to do. Tomorrow will include some more stitching on both projects and perhaps have new pictures before too long. Until then, thank you for hanging around and encouraging me!


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6 Responses to Stocking Update 06/12/16

  1. MrsCraft says:

    That will be a stocking to treasure forever, I used to cross stitch too but got bored on large projects. It’s looking lovely. 😊

    • That is my hope. When I get bored with the large project, I work on other crafts or in my yard and garden. In the last 5-7 years I have completed three large wedding samplers, one for each of my two nieces and one for my nephew. They all used the same pattern but were one-over-one on 28-count. Those took a huge focus, so this seems very easy in comparison, except for the many changes in color on the stocking vs. the two variegated colors on the samplers.

  2. It is coming along beautifully. Well done! 🙂

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