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Thank you to Karen at Craft and Other Crazy Plans for nominating me for my very first blogger award, The Creative Blogger Award. I am very new to this aspect of blogging and want to thank you, Karen, for nominating and challenging me to expand my horizons!

Here are the rules:

  1. Nominate 15 – 20 bloggers and add their links.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  3. Share five facts about yourself.
  4. Notify the bloggers you included.
  5. Keep the rules in your post.

Five Facts About Me

  1. I dabble in way to many different types of crafting: knitting, crocheting, cross stitching, sewing, to name just a few. I am hoping to add spinning, tatting, and hairpin lace to the list before the year is out, however.

2. I love gardening every year and consider it another form of therapy like my crafting.             The side benefit is that we have fresh home grown food when the weather and garden          cooperates.

3. I like canning and freezing the food that we grow that we don’t eat fresh. I also like to          glean when given the opportunity and canning up that as well. None of my sisters do            this anymore though my mother taught us all how to do it and we grew up canning                and freezing food from our garden for our family. I am thankful my mother thought              this was important for us to learn as it has saved my family lots of money and given us          good food to eat.

4. I love being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom). This is something I wasn’t sure about                   when DH and I decided that we needed to homeschool our oldest, but twelve years                 later, I am so glad that we did it. I wouldn’t trade it for the world most days.

5. I hope sometime in the next year or two to go back to college and get my bachelors.                While I have my associates degree, it would really  make me happy to complete a                    bachelors, though that will be challenging at my age.

Nominations for the creative bloggers I enjoy visiting:  

  1. Attic 24
  2. Thistlebear
  3. Days of a Sampler Lover
  4. Oubliette
  5. Samplers and Santas
  6. Thread in Hand
  7. Frontier Dreams
  8. Patchwork Times by  Judy Laquidara
  9. Pink Lemon Twist
  10. Small Things
  11. Crazy Sue 62
  12. Justquiltin with Denise Russart
  13. Making Scrap Quilts from Stash
  14. The Painted Quilt
  15. The Polka Dot Chicken

Each one of you inspires me in a different way to be creative and try new crafts. Thank you to each one of you and to Karen at Craft and Other Crazy Plans!



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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother, chauffeur/riding companion to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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  1. Wow, well done. Congratulations. 🙂

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