Angel Food Cake from Scratch

Today is another first for me. Always before, I have “cheated” and made my angel food cakes from a cake mix. This has been for two reasons: 1) Purchasing eggs can get quite expensive and using 12 for one cake just seemed too costly, and 2) More importantly, I have always been scared that making one from scratch is risking a huge failure. Faith in my cooking and baking abilities has been rattled soundly at times. My favorite excuse for not even making an angel food cake for many years was that I didn’t have a tube pan. A couple of years ago, that excuse didn’t work with my DSIL, as she just loaned me hers to use. I still “cheated” and used a cake mix. Her pan didn’t fit over a soda bottle afterwards to cool so I wasn’t real fond of it.

Recently, DH and I were at a thrift store and they had three of the really old-fashioned style of angel food cake pans. All were in nice shape so I grabbed one for a whole $3.99. I was so excited as now I at least had one that would be like my mom’s that I learned on with the “cheating” cake mixes. This made it a lot nicer because I really love angel food cake with sliced fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream. It is simple, no frosting, and great in the spring.

My plan was to continue “cheating” with cake mixes and the great excuse I had for that was that the chickens weren’t laying enough eggs for the neighbor’s purchases from DS and all of our regular egg needs. Then the chickens began to lay eggs pretty earnestly. We started getting 7-10 eggs every day from the 12 hens that were already laying. If you have been following my blog, you will remember that the eight new Astralorps won’t be laying eggs until late July-early August. Still the neighbor purchased two 18-packs of eggs pretty regularly and so I didin’t even entertain making a cake from scratch–UNTIL YESTERDAY! Suddenly it occurred to me that we had LOTS of eggs and we were heading out of town for vacation. I began to try and figure out how to use up eggs so we wouldn’t leave a bunch in the fridge.

Just as suddenly, I realized that I had no valid excuse for avoiding making an angel food cake from scratch. We had 6-8 dozen eggs that needed to be used, given away, or taken with us and we still had the weekend to gather eggs. Plus, the neighbor had told us that he was going after us to visit family out of state and wouldn’t be needing any for 2 weeks. Thankfully, he called this morning and asked for two 18-packs. We also had decided that my niece, whom we get to see this next week for a few hours, might like 12-18 fresh eggs. Then we would need to take some to cook while we are camping. So, I added cake flour to my shopping list after checking out a recipe in my old Betty Crocker cookbook.

Sadly, I put off making it until this evening because of other demands. Carefully following the directions, I mixed, beat, and folded everything until I had a very light batter that I carefully pushed into the pan. 20160617_210343

So this is the cake before going in the oven. It had to bake a whole 35 minutes and now I have to wait two hours with it upside down before I can take it out of the pan to put in the cake holder. It smells pretty good, so we’ll have to see what it tastes like. Stay tuned for more finished pictures!


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  1. I had store bought Angel Food Cake this weekend and it was yummy. But I bet it doesn’t compare to Angel Food Cake from scratch! I bet it was heaven!

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