And finally…for now

To complete catching up, today has been a busy day. Like many of my blog readers, I have dashed around trying to see how much I could pack into the day before the temperature took away most of my energy. I slept in until 6 a.m. which was really nice. The bed that DH had so kindly refilled and put conditioner in on Sunday was no longer ice cold, however we turned down the temperature just a bit for the summer. I also took off two of the blankets that were on it to help get it back up to something other than ice cold well water temperatures.

DS very kindly helped pull around the mattress that was put on the futon which is currently residing on the back porch after moving it from his bedroom. We will keep it there and in the next day or two cut some plastic from the roll we have to be ready to cover it when it rains. It is under the porch canopy but when we get a blowing rain, there is no real protection.

Beans were put to cook in the crockpot early and I went out to try and weed in the garden before it became too hot and/or I had to take DD to work. There is still a good bit of weeding to do since we were gone on vacation. So far I have discovered that the onions and green beans are doing pretty good. I found one carrot, one spinach, one lettuce, and one beet growing in the section that I was clearing. This was disappointing, but since we planted so late, I am trying not to get discouraged. These can be replanted in late August or September and if we don’t have an early hard frost, we might get a bit. Tomorrow I hope to sneak out and see what else I can find, though I won’t be able to stay too long as it is laundry day and I have a coffee/knitting/crochet date with a friend.

After I came back in, I quickly discovered that the heat from outside was making the house start to warm up. The temperature outside the kitchen window went from 101°F to 106.9°F. This was not particularly shocking as the thermometer was in direct morning sun at 8:45 a.m. However, this meant that it was imperative that the fleece blankets be placed over windows to help shield from some of the intense heat. Once that was done, we made sure that all window fans were turned on high as we do not run the air conditioner until it is 80° in the house.

Breakfast consisted of cold cereal and toast. Cold cereal is about all DD will eat year round except when I can sneak waffles or pancakes onto her plate in the winter. Usually my family eats sourdough bread really well, as in I can’t keep it around. This loaf has lasted for two weeks and is finally gone. I am not sure why and no one seemed able to explain why it wasn’t eaten faster. A new loaf of whole grain bread was pulled from the freezer to thaw for later.

Taking DD to work most days is not a real problem. It provides an opportunity to run quick errands without making special trips. Today it was great for stopping by the grocery store on the way home for a couple of items.

Since it had started to warm up outside, I chose to begin working on inside tasks. Our neighbor who buys eggs from DS is gone until after the 4th of July so we have extra eggs right now. A pan holding a dozen was set to boiling and after that was complete, I boiled one more dozen. That will give us ready boiled eggs for salads and egg salad sandwiches should someone choose.

My last task before fun activities like knitting and cross stitch took me until noon. Before we went on vacation, the neighbor asked DS to come over and help pick cherries. We had 1 1/2 gallons in bags that no one was eating well. Over our vacation I decided that I would pit them and then put them in the dehydrator. That way we would have dried cherries to put in DH’s energy cookies and other such dishes.

After pitting all of the cherries, I had filled just over three trays. The fourth tray contained a few cherries, a sliced nectarine, and some apricots that were going to spoil also from the neighbor.20160628_121231


All of this combined with rising temperatures (103°F for a high today) made me tired so very little else was done with the exception of a few necessary emails for updates on upcoming Pathfinder events, picking DD up from work, helping finish making supper, and prep for DH’s early start to tomorrow (1 a.m.).

Perhaps I can stitch a bit now before I fall asleep again. That “early to sleep, early to rise” seems to fit right now whether I intend it or not as I don’t make it very far into the evening before I am nodding away and dozing off in my chair. At least I know I packed everything into today that I could. Now to see how much I can pack into tomorrow. 🙂


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  1. It is a challenge to see what we can fit into a day, isn’t it? I am happy that my 2 sons are on their own now, but now I seem to find other things that need to be done.

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