Catching up…again!

Catching up is a bit hard to do when you get busy, but I’ll make an attempt. Our family has been busy with one activity after another and in two days July will be here. Before I know it, school will have started again and I’m not ready yet.

So first off is a quick look-see back through the blog to see if the angel food cake in its baked form ever made an appearance. Looking… appears that you have been waiting, hopefully not holding your breath. It looked great, tasted great, and even was here (very little though) when we got back from vacation. 20160617_224751

It was so yummy with fresh strawberries and vanilla bean ice cream! I have to admit that while I grew up on this cake made from cake mixes–and my mom cannot figure out why I would go to all this work–I prefer it from scratch. It was light, fluffy, and so very moist without being soggy. I also didn’t feel guilty eating it because egg whites are protein, not fat. I see another one of these being made before the summer is over. I think it would be great with a fruit salad. DH put it in one of my lunches at work with yogurt in another dish. Dipping it in the yogurt was delicious!


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  1. Looks delicious! I want some fruit on Angel food cake now 😉

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