Temporary escape!

Last week was wonderful! After a full work day on Sunday, I came home and finished packing for a week in the mountains. Everything was mostly done, however I had to throw in the not-so-important, non-crafting items and put together all the food and cooking utensils.

Monday morning saw us headed off to a week away from most civilization in a rustic cabin. We like to go to this place ever year, however we aren’t always so lucky. DS and DD tucked themselves into the back seats with all kinds of stuff around them, but they didn’t care because we were headed to one of our favorite escapes! Message_1466548765400

This is not very fancy with cooking on the front porch on a stove with an oven, a fire pit outside next to a picnic table and a walk down the hill to the bathroom and showers. However, it is just perfect when you want to get away. Inside was a bunkbed on the left–twin on top and double on the bottom–and a daybed/sofa style on the right. Right behind the door on the left was a tiny fridge. And on the right inside there was a small table with four chairs. We were up about 4100+ feet which meant that it was nice and cool a lot of the time.

Unfortunately, DD turned her ankle parking cars and so was not able to do any decent hiking, but DS and DH took a short hike to check out improvements to the camp. We were pleased to see that there were lots of people enjoying tent camping and RV camping as well as the other cabins available and yet, we didn’t feel like our privacy was being invaded.

Days were spent relaxing, reading, crafting, and for the rest of them, sleeping in. Unfortunately my body currently thinks that 3:30-5:30 a.m. is a nice time to wake up. All of our favorite camping foods were enjoyed and DH, DD, and DS also spent time playing on the laptops. Games had to be played offline as internet was not working consistently.

Wednesday we made a day trip to a pre-arranged lunch appointment with my niece. It was so good to see her again and catch up on all that was happening in her life. She is doing well and we were also able to exchange ideas on knitting. She has become a very prolific and talented knitter. It was especially cool to learn that she has picked up cross stitching again. Unfortunately, I had left my cross stitch project at the cabin so was unable to share. We met her two cats and saw her lovely home. I am so very proud of her and what she is accomplishing both professionally and personally.

Most evenings were spent in multiple rounds of table and card games. Whot, Uno, Rook, Probe, and Mancala each made an appearance, as well as a round or two of Scrabble. We quickly remembered that DD is an ace at Mancala. There just isn’t a good strategy to come close to beating her. Creative words and soda ingredients found their way into games of Probe along with DS sneaking Japanese anime names in. It was so much fun to see the kids try to stump us.

After a last fire roasting hot dogs, baking potatoes, and roasting marshmallows on Thursday night, we had to make a race back on Friday for a busy weekend! You will have to read my next post to find out why!



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  1. It looks amazing. I love it. Glad you can take these breaks and really rest. 🙂

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