They grow up so fast – 16th birthday!

Our race back to town was because of DS’s 16th birthday. I cannot believe how quickly the years pass. He is taller than me and has a girlfriend now–but I digress.

As soon as we arrived back in town, I had to race to the grocery store to obtain supplies to get ready for his birthday party that we had with family and his girlfriend on Saturday night. He had requested pizza with alfredo sauce, pineapple, black olives, mushrooms and cheese. We also had salad and a requested chocolate cake with frosting alongside chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. 20160625_182854


I was very fortunate to have help with the salad and a friend made the cake. DS had requested a new mattress–twin-size–and a couple of game gift cards. So yesterday I took him to get the new mattress, plywood to go under it and on the frame as well as a set of new sheets and he purchased a new pillow. 20160627_115133

This mattress in a box was quite interesting. Ultimately we put another mattress we had underneath it to give added height, however this one when it expanded fully had a nice firmness which he asked for. There are coils in it. 20160627_115554

He wasn’t expecting the new sheets but I found some cool camoflage ones that he liked so we purchsed those and he made up his new bed with his quilt. Message_1467052714243

The verdict after a night’s sleep? “I slept like a log and I’m not sore.” I have to say that was a score!

Happy 16th birthday! May God bless you with many more! I so glad He blessed us with you in our family!

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  1. Hope you all had fun. Yes, they grow up so very quickly. 🙂

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