Garden and Chickens Update

This week is weeding time in the garden. I tried last week but with my right elbow in considerable pain and a crazy schedule, I didn’t do as much as I wanted. Temperatures are cooler this week so I am out in the garden as much as I can sneak in.

In my work this morning, I found more beets, a volunteer tomato and it looks like some of my cucumbers have decided to come up. Their leaves are nice and big and look very healthy. The grass and weeds are slowly disappearing around these and the other veggies. I have chosen to take them into the chicken pen, spread them under an old gate that is flat on the ground and water them in. The hope is that they will retake in there and with the limited protection of the gate, grow until I have established something more for the chickens. Only time will tell if we are successful. Either way I would have given the weeds to the chickens to nibble on. They went right over to start in but because I wanted the greenery to have a chance to grow, I turned on the sprinkler and let it water them in. Of course the chickens were not happy with me and after a ruffling of feathers and a crow or two from the roosters, they wondered off to the other side of the pen out of the reach of that intermittant “rain”.

Later today I hope to maybe get another chance to repeat the whole process, but if not then, I will go out bright and early tomorrow morning and repeat. Maybe I will have decent garden pictures by the end of the week?

Our “littles” are starting to give us some small eggs. We crack them separately because sometimes in the past we have been given “fart” eggs, but these are all nicely formed and the yolks are nice and orange. There are two 24-egg cartons of eggs ready for the neighbor when he gets back from visiting his family and we have been enjoying eggs in a variety of dishes. Last night I added chopped boiled eggs to the pasta salad along with cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, olives, carrots, and dressing. It may be that I will need to make another angel food cake, but with DD’s 21st birthday coming up shortly, we may use up some of the extra eggs. I have to say they are really delicious when we do use them!

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  1. claire93 says:

    good to hear you’re actually getting to eat some of your home-laid eggs

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