Garden Update 08-17-16

As school time draws near, the garden is growing and with my usual luck, it will come off just as we get settled into the school routine. This year there won’t be tons of tomatoes to can because they just aren’t producing that much. We have had one turn red and the rest are just waiting. I can’t even blame the lack of production on the gophers, unless they are eating the roots of the plants, but the plants look fine, so I don’t think it is them.

The watermelons continue to grow and we have two small ones on the second vine. 20160817_074447

As you can tell, our ground is dry and looks hard. It actually isn’t as hard as it looks. DS and I dug trenches to water the plants and every time I water we have to clear at least one trench because the gophers have been busy. There is either a blocked trench with a heap of dirt, or the bottom suddenly falls out into a tunnel and a trench has to be moved. Still these watermelons are getting bigger. I will keep watering them in hopes that at least these two willbe big enough to eat by summer’s end.

The big plants that I had really hoped would not get quite so big and would be the cucumbers that I planted, are actually volunteer pumpkins. They are spreading over the garden, and we have 3-5 pumpkins growing. Big orange blossoms are also on all three plants, but they haven’t gone to fruit yet. 20160817_074517

The weeds seem to thrive despite the dryness! They are an early morning project after picking green beans. Most of them are not there, but we have real issues with thistle. I think once the garden is done this fall, perhaps DH will be able to spray it really good to kill off some of the nasty weeds. Each year it gets better, but we still have weeds.

And lastly, the corn continues to get taller! It should be ready in early October according to DFIL. 20160817_074634

In the foreground to the left of the corn is a basil plant that has decided it likes the water trench. The watermelons are off to the right and in the back you can see some of the bright orange blossoms on the pumpkins, the yellow summer squash plant, and in the raised bed, the tangle of tomato plants that actually are doing well and still putting on blossoms. With summer finally providing summer-like temperatures during the day, we might still see more from the garden. However, you will also see the occasional leaf that has fallen already.

No apples or peaches from the fruit trees this year, but I really didn’t expect them. It is only the 2nd year for the apple trees and the first for the peach. Perhaps we will get some next year. The blueberry bush is doing better, but will have to be prepped for winter. It is in a large blue bucket because it wasn’t doing so well in the ground. I am hoping that we will be able to transfer it nextyear. We also should be able to harvest rhubarb next year. The plant has done very well for its first year and I can’t wait to see how it does next year.

That’s it for now! Back to finishing up planning for DS’s senior year of high school as he will start next week on his very last year of homeschool! I sure will miss these days!


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5 Responses to Garden Update 08-17-16

  1. Well done, your garden is looking just fine. The watermelons are going to be just perfect.
    All the best to DS and the school year. 🙂

    • The garden looks fine, however my two ripening tomatoes were eaten on overnight. Looked like the nasty gopher that we haven’t been able to get rid of. I hope he/she leaves the watermelons alone. DS isn’t looking forward to school, but it will be his last year before college, so we will make it the best yet!

      • These cute garden critters. They seem to find the best snacks. I had birds realize that the succulents had lots of juicy water in their fat leaves, and they pecked all the leaves to shreds. Now I have moved all the plants and covered these until they recover, if they even do. 🙂
        Your DS will be fine, they grow up so quickly. I am sure he will enjoy this year too.

  2. All the garden stuff looks great! I don’t think I have a knack for gardening but I wish I did. There is nothing like home-grown fruits and veggies. I hope that your plantings continue to grow and bear yummy things to eat. Good luck with senior year. You must be a very patient woman to home-school and garden.

    • Gardening is great therapy for me in addition to crafting. It is also in remembrance of my dad who always had a garden that we helped wweed and harvest. As for patience, I wish I could develop more. Have to be careful what you wish for though.

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