So what do you do…

…when your DFIL blesses you with five grocery bags of corn from the school where he helps supervise teenagers in gardens? He was part of the planning process when they were deciding how many rows to put in because they were hoping to supply the cafeteria that feeds the kids. It is a private high school run by our church and he volunteers there in his retirement. Unfortunately, the new food service director isn’t “int0” processing corn and freezing it for later in the school year. His help is used to shucking, blanching, and cutting it off to freeze, but not so much him. So when DFIL mentioned that there was quite a bit and asked if I would be interested, I didn’t have the heart to refuse. DFIL was pretty upset as he hates to see anything go to waste. So last night I came home to the five grocery bags.

After schoolwork and when DH came home, the corn was shucked. Some of it had worms and went to feed our chickens, but the majority of it was cleaned, blanched, and hand cut from the cobs. Note to self: I must purchase one of those handy dandy corn cutters before next year. I looked at several stores this morning and didn’t find any, so Amazon, here I come!

Thankfully DH, DS, and DD helped with this project as I am still having some challenges with my right elbow. 20160826_183721



In the midst of this DH also helped make a pizza for supper and I finished some garlic cheese stuffed rolls and we all ate supper. Then it was back to finish. At the end of it all, there were 12 quarts into the freezer and a small bowl for someone to eat in the next few days. A very good haul I would say. 20160826_191537

Something tells me we will enjoy this in the coming winter. This was added to the corn on the cob that DFIL had already brought over several weeks ago, so we will be in fine shape. Now we just have to see if the seed he gave us–not but enough for 1/2 a row–will produce any corn. It is supposed to be harvest ready in early October. Yum! Yum! Yum!

Now I am off to put a crockpot of beans on to take for haystacks tomorrow night at a youth training event. Also have to make three sack lunches. By the time that is done I will be ready to fall in bed.


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5 Responses to So what do you do…

  1. claire93 says:

    lots of work, but yummy for the winter months!

  2. nanacathy2 says:

    Goodness me, what a thing to come home too. Still be wonderful in winter.

    • That is why there was a delay of one day as there was no time Thursday evening. And yes, it will be wonderful. I prefer what we can and freeze over buying from the store in the winter.

  3. Good for you. Looks just great.
    There are so much to do with corn. I love to preserve them, dried, pickled, salted. 🙂 Then we have corn all year round.

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