Knitting Update

There isn’t a picture yet, but along with working on the stocking for DD, I have been knitting on the Color Affection shawl. The rows are super long and take quite awhile. This last weekend I was able to finish up the third section which comprises repeating rows of three different colors: cream, mint, and light blue. Here you can see the colors: 20160812_135306

After knitting and knitting and knitting some more, I have finally picked up all of the stitches via wraps and turns and am two rows into the final section which is solid light blue. The rows continue to grow, however this section is only supposed to be two inches wide so perhaps I will finish it sometime soon. This project will most likely be moved to carry with me when I go places and am waiting on people so that I can put in more time on the stocking at home.

Another shawl was also cast on, all 257 stitches of DK weight Gloss from Knit Picks. I am 4 rows done on that one, but not in a hurry to get going very far. The cast on was just to show a friend. As I started working on it, I realized that the Fairy Tale colorway should actually be more of a purple for the intended recipient, so once we get caught up from other expenses, I will need to order a couple of skeins of the Blackberry colorway. The Fairy Tale is more red whereas the Blackberry looks to be more bluish purple. And I still need to order more cables and another set of tips so I can’t wait until we catch up.

Hopefully soon I will have a picture of progress and/or finished projects very soon so you can see what is happening.


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