Peaches #2

I slept in until 7:12 a.m. after getting up briefly at 6 a.m. to take my thyroid medication. It was so nice to sleep for just a bit longer even though it was light sleep. After a quick shower and putting a dozen eggs on to boil for egg salad sandwiches tonight, the final bucket of peaches were washed and the peeling and slicing started. By 9:00 a.m. the first canner of seven quarts was in the water bath. I stopped to have a quick breakfast with DD and DS along with reading our daily chapter in the Bible (Today was another fun day of figuring out how to pronounce names in 1 Chronicles. It was DD’s turn to twist her tongue around them!).

Breakfast dishes were washed and the last few peaches peeled, sliced, covered in a light syrup and the last canner for water bathing was finishing up! It looks like a total of 33 1/2 quarts of peaches canned. No jam made, but we have lovely peaches to enjoy all winter.


My faithful canner…bent lid, but still does a wonderful job!



When the jars were brought in for this morning’s canning, DS noted that we have a wee bit over a dozen quart jars empty to fill with applesauce. It looks like I will need to buy 4-5 dozen quart jars for that as we don’t know if we will get apples next year and I would really like to put up 50-75 quarts of applesauce. Hmm…must work that into the budget. At least we are blessed with being able to glean the apples versus previous years (5-6 years ago) when I had to shop around for a good deal on a bushel to put up. That means we are really only out any new jars we need, new lids for old jars, a bit of sugar for sweetening, the gas to go pick the fruit, and the time and labor to process. Taking out the cost of the fruit, the other would still be there so we are definitely blessed!


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  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Really impressive peaches!

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