Done and waiting to be blocked!

While there is no picture yet of the FO, the Color Affection shawl is finished. The last stitches were bound off at 11:45 pm yesterday. Towards the end, I decided to use up the last of the light blue yarn even though it was only supposed to be 2″ for that section. It isn’t much over that, but there isn’t enough left to knit another two rows, so I am glad that I stopped and began binding off when I did. Hopefully there will be a picture soon.

For now, I have pulled out a partially finished pair of mittens that I hope to finish knitting and set aside for a Christmas gift. Just a small project, but it should go quickly. Then I need to begin crocheting on another gift: The Globetrotter’s Shawl. I have one of the colors but hope to order the other two yarns from Knit Picks on Friday and have them here soon. Not to worry as there are plenty of projects to work on, including DD’s stocking which hasn’t been touched in the push to finish the Color Affection shawl.

Also, the second socklet in a pair of Diamond Lace Socklets is slowly being finished. It takes everything I can find in myself to work on it as I really don’t like the bamboo yarn. Maybe I should just pull that one out and get it over with?


Almost ready to start increasing for the heels

This is an older–and please forgive the blurry picture–progress picture of the first sock. The yarn is pretty. The sock is pretty. The yarn is a very painful, splitty yarn for knitting and won’t be used again. The remainder after the second socklet will be disposed of with great pleasure!

Stay tuned for upcoming pictures of current progress hopefully soon!


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3 Responses to Done and waiting to be blocked!

  1. It is still a very pretty sock, and the colours are great. Hang in there, you will be done before you know it. 🙂

    • Thank you! It is pretty which is why it is so sad that the yarn is so splitty. That is why I chose to do just a short sock. Most of mine are mid-calf, but I knew that a) I wouldn’t enjoy knitting one that tall in this yarn, b) I wouldn’t have quite enough yarn to do mid-calf, and c) I would have to add elastic thread to the cuff to get it to stay up. So these were enough reasons to just do a short sock. Plus bamboo yarn is more of a summer yarn for me as it is cooler.

      • 🙂 I totally agree. It is very pretty, and will make very nice socks, but best not to try and knit to much with it.
        In the end you will still have a gorgeous pair of socks.

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