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Despite a busy week, this Christmas gift has been completed. Note to self: Don’t wait so long in between doing each one. The second one (the one on the left) was easier because my knitting skills have improved since last year, however it was hard to figure out what I did. Also, my gauge appeard to change, though when you put these two on top of each other, they are the same size. They just don’t look that way in this picture. Unfortunately, a project that should have been completed in a couple of days, took about a week as I had to tink back cables several times. Another note to self: It is not wise to knit cables when you are sleepy, no matter how much you want to get a project done.

The stocking is no further (insert very sad face here), because of the tiredness. A follow-up visit to the doctor after labs, indicated that my thyroid function numbers are still not where they should be, though we are getting closer. That explained why I am still tired and sometimes if I sit down, I fall asleep with nothing accomplished. To help combat this, I have taken up watching Flosstube as it is a really interesting variation of blogging and I can still work  on projects. Of course, I have lots of catching up to do on Flosstube. I have also found that watching it gives me ideas of ways to improve my process in cross stitching as well as provides encouragement to get back to my projects.

While I am watching all these wonderful ideas, I have begun another Christmas gift. This involves some sock yarn in varying shades of red being crocheted into two strips for the sides of a shawl. The other two colors of sock yarn should arrive this next week in my Knit Picks box and will make up the strips in between the red. 20161001_151550

It’s a bit hard to read but this is Hand-dyed Sock Yarn from Pagewood Farm in the Really Red colorway. And here is my work so far, though the red isn’t showing up correctly. I am using crochet hook size F as called for in the pattern.20161001_151531

The red is much deeper and not this light dull red/pink. There is no pink, but it is a deep rich red. If the lighting changes in the next few days with the weather changes–yes it is cooling finally–I will try and take another picture again. The pattern is the Globetrotter Shawl from Yarninspirations. I have to blame my BFF for showing this to me and while I wasn’t sure initially, the pattern has grown on me. So I am hoping that I can get this done in the next few weeks.


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  1. Wow, I love the mittens, they are stunning.
    Happy crafting and enjoy, looks pretty and very interesting.

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