Cooler Weather = Fall is Here!

This week the temperatures decided to drop and so began the watch to see if we would hit freezing! I knew that if we got close I would need to either cover my remaining green tomatoes or pick them and leave them in the garage to ripen. The forecasted temperatures indicated that it would get down into the 40s but not the 30s. However, the weather person apparently was not as clued in to the weather as they needed to be. The night that it was supposed to drop down to 41° F, we woke up to 33° F! Just one degree above freezing! Naturally I knew that we needed to go ahead and put the tomatoes into the garage, so that afternoon when DH came home from work, DS and I pulled all of the tomato vines and stripped the tomatoes off. They were sorted into buckets for green and already ripe or almost ripe. The garlic bulbs that were still growing underneath the tomato plants were covered to continue growing and hopefully we will have sweet garlic bulbs in the spring. The vines were fed to the chickens who were delighted to have them to peck away at.

Additionally DH removed the canopy from our patio cover and covered the outside air conditioner unit. We have a cover that we  put over it every fall with a bungee cord wrapped around it.I am so glad that we have a nice cover instead of the garbage bags that didn’t quite fit. DH also switched the thermostat to operate the furnace instead of the air conditioner so everything is set there. Now I just have to get a plastic window cover kit, foam stripping to go around the doors and as soon as it freezes, DH will go underneath the house to lay DD’s computer network cable to the modem for her computer. She has become very frustrated at the speeds we get so wants to hardwire herself into the modem. This is possible, however we must have a good hard freeze and drop in teperatures to get rid of all the nasty spiders under the house. They will also hopefully tighten the tiedowns at the same time.

The next day when DH came home, DS and I were in the garage cleaning. The three of us made short work of clearing out more “junk”. DS was amused at some of the ancient computer equipment still floating around that DH went through. More of it was disposed of as we are no longer using it and/or the technology is way too old and/or it no longer works! We are pretty much down to boxes and bins of stuff that cannot be disposed of for one reason or another. This is after living in this house for 5 years. I am so glad to have it done.

Plans have been made to purchase deck paint for the front porch. DS will hopefully have a chance to sand the area before I paint it. We decided this time to buy a quart of dark gray paint instead of trying white again. The white looked dirty pretty quick. The plan is to complete this project next week one or two afternoons.

So I thought that I was done with canning until the apples were ready to pick, however my dear friend called this morning. Along with a request to please come pick tomatoes, I learned that she and her husband were in an accident yesterday. God is so good! The company truck was totalled, however they were both okay. She did receive four staples in the back of her head and was still dealing with a headache and sore torso from bruises. The company truck was a short-nosed one and the front was pushed back into the cab 18″. Thankfully because she is so short, she had her legs and feet on top of a cooler between the driver and passenger seats otherwise hers would have been crushed between her seat and the dash.

DD, DS, and I went over and visited as well as picked ripe tomatoes. I will need to make sauce out of them on Monday. She also told me about a place not too far away that has pickling cucumbers, so DS and I will go check that out Monday afternoon. If there are sitll some, I will get some to fill my stone crock and make pickles. We are getting low so I am hoping this pans out as a good deal. I was also advised that the apples will probably not be ready to pick until after the 2nd frost, but that is just fine. It spreads out the work and makes it more manageable. I have to say that I feel so blessed with the produce we are able to put up this year because I truly didn’t think we would have much more than maybe peaches and apples. I keep finding out about more all the time, so we are definitely blessed!

Besides all of this, there are the ordinary every day tasks of keeping house, teaching DS his lessons, taking DD to and from work and meeting DH’s requests. No mischief time for me, though I do try to relax. That is what my crafting has become. I either read or watch Flosstube while working on various projects. We also have weekend traveling to various churches to speak about Pathfinders. Tomorrow morning we are visiting a church that is hoping to start a Pathfinder and Adventurer club and then will race back in the afternoon to attend a club Induction in the evening. This will be repeated in one way or another for the next 5 weekends with the exception of celebrating DH’s birthday on the 22nd. His birthday isn’t then but that is when we can get family together. I foresee shopping, cooking and baking for this in my near future as well! It is good that a bit more of my energy is coming back with another change in my medication dosage. Maybe I will get more done on a consistent basis. Only time will tell.

Until later, happy Sabbath and keep an eye out for more updates!


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother, chauffeur/riding companion to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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5 Responses to Cooler Weather = Fall is Here!

  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Gosh you are in for a busy time. Don’t forget to have some quiet time just for you.

    • Actually I try to have a bit of quiet time each morning before the kids get up. It doesn’t always happen but I try. There will be more opportunities as chores get done and the weather gets colder.

  2. claire93 says:

    so pleased to hear your friend only sustained minor injuries (compared to what the outcome could have been).

  3. It sounds like your friends had a very lucky escape. The jobs around the house are all worthwhile but more always seem to follow. The minute we stop, the hard work is already undoing itself. Enjoy the lovely produce from your labours 🙂

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