Progress again!

It is Friday and an update of where I am at should be done. So here goes: 20161007_201557_burst01

Both of the lace strips for the Globetrotter Shawl are done. The yarn has arrived to start the middle sections. It is Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in Cork and Merlot Heather. While I was very nervous and unsure as to how the new colors would come together with the yarn I already had, I am very pleased at how these came together. It is hard to know when you are looking at colors online. You never know if your computer is representing the colors properly. No matter how hard I try, the red in the above yarn won’t photograph properly either.

20161007_202258The Knit Picks Gloss Blackberry yarn also came in for the shawl that I haven’t started yet. It is a VERY dark purple and I am hoping that when I put it with the gray and cream, the “purpleness” of the yarn will be more apparent. It just looks very dark for now. DS is pretty sure that his girlfriend will like it though and I hope so as the only other color I have found was my original Fairy Tale colorway. That colorway is not purple in the least and so would not work. Here is a picture of the shawl that I will be making: 20161007_202531

The picture shows the Fairy Tale colorway, but I will be replacing it with the dark purple. You can also see the book that it is from–Luxe Knits by Laura Zukaite. This is the only pattern I have made in the whole book though there is a chance that if DS’s girlfriend sticks around, she would probably be interested in some of the fashions in this book. DD was only interested in this one and in the colors shown in the picture.


September 11


October 6

Believe it or not, the Christmas stocking has received some “love” two mornings this week. While I can’t say there has been huge progress, I now have the rug of blended threads that the carriage is resting on and the other baby block completed. I have also pulled the other thread colors that are missing in the little tea party scene on the toe. Hopefully starting Monday morning this will get some more love.

To provide encouragement and inspiration while I am working on projects and in between teaching Calculus and Physics to DS, I have begun watching a bit of Flosstube. I don’t remember how I came across this, but it has helped encourage me to get a bit more organized and find some more spots in my day when I can fit in bits and pieces of projects. Because of that, I have rearranged my day to fit in bits of cross stitch every morning during the work week and then Christmas crochet and knitting in the afternoon and evening. This has helped because the stocking was being neglected and it has to be done by Christmas, too. Given that I am starting Christmas much earlier this year, thanks to my BFF and I getting together for coffee and stitching, I feel much better about things. Keep an eye on this corner for more progress updates. Also check out my next post to see what else I have been up to this week!


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  1. Great progress, I absolutely love the Christmas stocking. 🙂 You are doing so well at it.

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