Our hard-working son

Yesterday our son had the opportunity to help a friend strip the shingles off their roof for a tidy cash sum. They started at 9 in the morning and finished up at 5 p.m. Originally they were only going to work until 3 p.m. but said friend generously offered extra cash for two more hours and since DS is trying to earn cash to buy Christmas presents and replace his desktop computer, he jumped on the opportunity. After a hard day of work, when DH picked him up to come home, this is the picture he was able to catch of DS right before going in the front door: mike-after-stripping-tims-roof-100916

Yes, he gave permission to share this picture. It took 30 minutes in a hot shower, two Tylenol and supper, as well as a brief doze before he was starting to feel human again. Today he is still a bit sore, but tonight he receives his payment so it is all worth it! I’m so proud of him for being willing to commit to and complete a job that meant working with his hands and getting dirty. I knew he had it in him!

And just to let you know, I am a very prejudiced mom, but he cleans up and looks almost as handsome as his dad. I so love my husband and kids!


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3 Responses to Our hard-working son

  1. It is amazing what they achieve once they get started. A bit of TLC after a hard days work makes up for it all.
    Well done. 🙂

    • He was paid in cash last night which was nice. And he is wanting to put it in the bank in his savings to set aside for Christmas shopping and a new computer. It is cool to see him growing up so nicely.

      • Adorable. And they grow up so very quickly. Great planning on his side for the money as well. A computer is important, specially for the younger generation, and then to have spare for Christmas. 🙂 Great ideas.

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