Still canning tomatoes

It seems that the tomatoes just don’t stop. Here are the pictures from this last Tuesday when I processed and canned the tomatoes from my friend: 20161011_105408

This is the set up for juicing the tomatoes. My Victorio is over 25 years old but still works like a charm. I love having to only cut out bad spots and remove stems before quartering tomatoes and juicing them. Some of the tomatoes were also ripened ones from our own garden and when I processed them, ours were as thick as applesauce. The ones from my friend weren’t quite as thick but mixed together they made a nice sauce. 20161011_113536

This is a view of the 12-quart stock pot that was mostly full. I did have to add a cup of apple cider vinegar as there were some non-acidic tomatoes in the batch from my friend. Still this cooked up and was ladeled hot into 9 quart jars that were put through a 40-minute waterbath. 20161011_182246

These will be so good for spaghetti sauce, etc. this winter. I knew I wasn’t done because I still have two styrofoam coolers partly filled with ripening Roma and Beefsteak tomatoes: 20161011_182304

Not the pretties of pictures, but as they ripen, I hope to pull them out and eventually make more juice to can.

As you all know, it seems like the tomatoes will never be finished. My friend called yesterday, to ask if I could bring her a casserole (I had told her to call me if she needed any help) as she is still having awful headaches and can’t stay up on her feet very long. Her husband had also just had a stress test on his heart and failed it. I quickly pulled together the ingredients for a carrot/peanut butter/rice asserole and amended it to leave out the milk as she cannot do any milk products. After taking DD to work, I swung back by the house and picked up the cooling casserole and a plastic dish that held her tomatoes earlier. When I arrived at her house, she had 2 1/2 gallons of Heirloom Italian Roma tomatoes picked and in a bucket for me to bring home and juice. After an afternoon of visiting I headed home with some new to me Romas to see how they would work up. Some of those in the above picture had also ripened enough to add to hers, so after juicing, I ended up with another stockpot which amounted to 7 quarts of juice. This time I didn’t add vinegar because all of the tomatoes were of the acidic variety. 20161013_104426

I was trying desparately to get these to boiling and into jars so they could be boiling in a waterbath for 40 minutes and out before I took DD to work. Thankfully we were successful in that endeavor. And yes, here are the cooling quarts. 20161013_122544

All of the jars are marked on the lids and now on the shelf. A total of 16 quarts so far and I know there will be some more from the two coolers. My friend said there might be another round of picked ones, so we will see. If so, I will most likely juice them up and can them. My jars are rapidly filling up and I don’t want to fill the new ones or my pints. The new ones are for applesauce when we glean and the pints are for apple butter. Plus, I will have to buy 4 dozen more quart jars for the applesauce. We are truly blessed!


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  1. claire93 says:

    it’s never-ending lol

    • Yes it is never-ending, but in the best possible way. This winter it will be so nice to go to my shelves and pull food that I know what is in it instead of food from the store that has preservatives that cause problems. It is totally worth the work and tastes ever so much better, though I think that is also because it is a reward for all the work.

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