Can I please stop sneezing now?

Last week our dear friend called to say that the doctor decided that her husband needed a double bypass and that they would need to be gone another two weeks. She wondered if I would be willing to dry all of her Anaheim and Mole peppers and then make them into seasoning powder. There was no way that I was willing to refuse, so after picking up her dryer and all of the peppers, DD and I came back home to begin the process. There were 5 boxes of peppers and one bucket. After washing the first box of Anaheim peppers, I began slicing them and loading them into the trays of the dehydrator: 20161031_104911

Each tray was an explosion of color: reds, oranges, purples, and greens. Both dehydrators have four trays that were loaded full to the brim and then we moved them to the garage to start drying. The garage smelled like a salsa factor minus the tomatoes. Every time we opened the door, we were accosted by the rich smell of peppers. For the next 24 hours, the dehydrators worked their magic. Once the peppers were dry, the slices and pieces were placed in the blender to grind to a fine powder. This was actually the “fun” part because when you opened the lid of the blender, you struggled to not be overcome by a strong pepper smell.

Four trays of peppers made a pint of pepper powder. After the two dehydrators were emptied, they were reloaded with another batch of sliced peppers. This was repeated for seven dehydrators full of Anaheim peppers and one dehydrator filled with Mole peppers. 20161101_195408

Above are two of the pints of Anaheim powder. A few grains of brown rice were added to each pint to absorb any remaining moisture. You will also notice in this picture some quarts of tomato sauce behind the peppers. While processing the peppers, I also juiced and canned 18 quarts of tomato sauce. So at the end of the week, I had plenty of pepper seasoning to return to their house and a final batch of tomato sauce for my efforts.

Additionally last Thursday, we received the call that it was okay to pick apples so after picking six 5-gallon buckets of apples, I will soon have to make applesauce. I did ask if she wanted me to can some for her, but she said not this time.

We are just praying that our friends come home soon. Her husband came through his surgery just fine and is in recovery mode now. We are all very blessed and are praising God for His answer to our prayers.


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  1. What a fabulous harvest! Best wishes to your friend for a speedy recovery.

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