Busy busy busy!

Life has been extremely busy around here of late. Last week DH was out of town for two different trips and while he is on vacation this week, we are home as a staycation so you know that means lots of projects and being busy busy busy!

The week started out with work on Sunday. I woke up way too early and then worked a 12-hour shift. After that you would have thought I would have reasoned that a smart person would go to bed and get some rest, but noooo…I decided to play a computer game with the family which meant I didn’t crawl in bed until 11:30 pm.

Monday after taking DD to work at 10 am., DH and I went out in the afternoon to glean apples again for our friends. Her husband is recovering nicely from his double heart bypass, however he is not able to drive at this time. Since she doesn’t have her driver’s license (long story), they rely on his mother who is older (82) to drive them places. Thankfully she is working on getting her driving permit. So back to the apples, we went and picked another five 5-gallon buckets full. Two of them they took and we brought home the other three. After a nice long visit with them Monday afternoon, we slipped away to pick up DD from work.

Tuesday morning I picked my friend up at 7:30 am. to take her to the DMV to try to get her permit. Unfortunately, she didn’t pass the test. She was so nervous and stressed it just didn’t happen. I will take her again this next Monday morning to see if she can do it this time. When I arrived back home, DH and I began processing the apples gleaned a couple of weeks ago into applesauce. Working steadily with a break to take the family to Zupa’s for supper, we finally finished shortly before 1 am. this morning. There was a total of 37.75 quarts of applesauce added to our stock. Here are 3 dozen of them: 20161123_114932

All we have left are 10 more quart jars to fill with applesauce and then 6-12 pint jars to fill with apple butter. Any apples left after that point will be eaten fresh. Then the canning for this season will be pretty much done.

I have also been knitting on other Christmas projects. The lovely shawl for DS’s girlfriend is coming along nicely, however I think I will have to order a couple more skeins of yarn. I thought I ordered the same amount as when I ordered for DD’s shawl, however, I must not have. So an order will be placed before the weekend with a skein of sock yarn added once DH decides which color he wants me to make him a pair from. As you can see, I have lots to do and also want to get to my cross stitching! Must add hours to my days somehow!

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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother, chauffeur/riding companion to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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  1. Busy and productive too! Your apple sauce looks yummy. Good luck to your friend on her driving test 🙂

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