A FO! and brief update without a pic

Earlier this week I was finally able to complete the knitting on DS’s girlfriend’s shawl. There was a slight delay while I waited for an order of two more skeins of the Blackberry colorway yarn to come in from Knit Picks. Friday morning the shawl was soaked, careful rolled in a towel or two to get excess water out, and pinned to my blocking waxed cardboard that my DFIL had given me back when he was driving a moving van.

I then put the board with pinned shawl in our bedroom on the bed and set up a box fan to help it dry. Towards evening the shawl was dry so it was unpinned and the process of weaving in yarn ends began. This took longer than I thought it would even though there were only three colors. Every time I changed colors, a new end was set aside to weave in.

Finally there was a finished photo! I don’t have blocking wires to use, so some of the lines are not quite as straight as I wish, however, I did get it done.message_1481342079495

Unfortunately this isn’t such a cool picture on our bed, however the colors are pretty true to life so I am glad for that. It has now been carefully fold and wrapped in tissue paper. Then everything has been placed in a cute bag to give to her today along with the toaster we purchased to give her for toasting cold bagels in her dorm room on Sabbath mornings. DS has ordered a gift for her that she wanted, however it has not arrived. We are hoping that it will be here before she goes home for Christmas.

UPDATE #1: This last Thursday I came to the realization that I was not making any significant progress on DD’s stocking and if I didn’t get some time in on it each day, there was not much chance of it being finished. With two more gifts to be knitted (each thankfully only one skein), I had to come up with a plan. So with rare exception–today being one of those–I will try to stitch a minimum of 1 hour on the outlining and embellishments each day. Yesterday I completed the wallpaper striping and began working on the curtains and window. There wasn’t a huge amount of progress but hopefully after the weekend I will be able to post a picture showing significant and noticeable progress. For now, this update will have to be enough.

UPDATE #2: In the aforementioned yarn order with two skeins of the Blackberry Colorway of DK Gloss yarn from Knit Picks, I also ordered a skein of Chroma Superwash fingering weight yarn in the Avalon colorway. DH had chosen this color for a new pair of socks (size 12 mens), however when it came it was more light purple than I had anticipated. The Earl Grey socks by the Yarn Harlot have been started and other than twoday when everything else decided it had to be done, I have also put this in a planned goal for each day in hopes that I might get the socks made by Christmas. So my “Rotation” is as follows:

AM – Spend a minimum of 1 hour working on DD’s Christmas stocking.

AM/PM – To complete the last two gifts, knit 4 cm each day for a total of 20 per gift.

PM – Knit at least one repeat of the listed pattern each day until the heel flap is reached then set appropriate goals to complete the remainder of the sock.

When I stick to this and don’t get distracted into needing to bake, buy groceries, and clean the house, I am able to meet my goals as listed above and feel like I have accomplished lots. Hopefully I can stick to this next week so all is finished on time. I will show pictures at some point in the near future.


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  1. MrsCraft says:

    Good luck! It really is a count down to the big day now and I’m in a similar boat.

  2. You are one busy gal! The shawl is so beautiful. It will be loved by the recipient for sure. Good luck with getting all of handcrafts finished in time for Christmas. You are working so hard!

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