Update 12-14-16

Christmas is coming much faster than I really would like it to. Thanks to a dear friend and improved thyroid functioning however, I have made more gifts this year than in the previous 5-10 years and am enjoying crafting again. Still, I’m not finished with the stocking, am almost finished with another gift and thought I only had one more to make. Then last night I learned that my niece’s dad will be in town for Christmas Day and joining us for the festivities for which I am glad! Unlike her mom, her dad loves homemade gifts. Unfortunately for him, I don’t have time to make a pair of men’s socks, however I might be able to squeeze out a new hat. Either one will make him happy and he loves woolie presents!

So the almost FO and other gift can’t be shown as I am not sure if the recipient of the first reads my blog and since both are very similar, no sneak peaks! With the exception of the occasional morning detour into the kitchen, I have been working 1-3 hours each morning on the stocking. Here are the progress pictures:


November 13, 2016

This is yesterday’s progress. Some of the greenery is outlines, the frame of the window, the wallpaper, the post at the top of the bed in the dollhouse, the handles of the utensils in the kitchen of the dollhouse, and I was just beginning to do the lace curtain on the left side of the window.


November 14, 2016

More progress on the lace curtain can be seen. I really don’t like doing a single thread cross stitch over cross stitches completed in two over two, but the final effect is pretty. As I am working along on this I have come to realize that it is better to outline more as you go along, Because I have always outlined at the end, I chose to continue with that thinking, however I don’t believe in the next stocking (DS’s) that I will continue that practice. While it is lovely to see the final coming to life of the picture, it seems to take forever!

Before I take off to try and finish the next present, I thought you might like to see Scooter’s attempt to learn Calculus: 20161201_144241

Unfortunately the picture isn’t as clear as I would like. While not as effective as putting the answer key under a pillow while sleeping, he was caught in my stitchy chair taking a nap on the answer key to DS’s Calculus text. I just had to take a picture.

And now, I’m off to see what I can get done. The dryer just buzzed so after that “interruption”, I must see if I can get some knitting done. Best wishes to all of you who are crafting away as well as those who have already finished and are enjoying the holidays!


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  1. There’s such a lot of detail in this design. It’s looking lovely!

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