Second Week of Snow


It is coming to the end of the week and we are looking at more snow coming down. All of our winter snow weather started last week on Monday with a small bit that lasted through Tuesday. As usual drivers struggled with adjusting to messy roads and there were many accidents on all of the roads as a result of the first snow of the season. The skies cleared on Wednesday and the temperatures dropped. Then another storm came in on Thursday and dumped more snow through Friday. Still there wasn’t more than 3-4″ total. The weekend wasn’t too bad other than just cold and wet.

Then this week seemed to be “rinse and repeat”. We have had two storms come through with a break this week on Tuesday where I ran out and did as many errands as I could. Most of this has been wet and we had one night and day where it was warm enough that we had rain coming down that melted snow on the roads. This morning, we woke to the scene above as a view outside the front door. Snow periodically keeps coming down and I’m not sure how much we are supposed to get today, but it will be “fun” to go purchase groceries and run other errands in later today.

For now, I think it is time to get in my favorite crafting chair with yarn for a pair of socks that mysteriously got added to my Christmas gifting list and cast on last night and a cowl that needs finishing. Something tells me that the Christmas stocking for DD may be a wish that gets finished during the Christmas break, but not before Christmas Day. It WILL GET DONE, however maybe not when I really want it to be done. At least the weather is providing an excuse to craft. Next week will be finishing up of crafting and beginning of more baking and cooking as everyone is coming over for Christmas dinner after I work in the morning.

In case I don’t get back to adding another post before Christmas, I want to wish each one of you a merry Christmas filled with time with family and sharing the real meaning of Christmas: the celebration of Christ’s birth! Remember that the memories you make with family now will be held close for all the years to come.


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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5 Responses to Second Week of Snow

  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Happy Christmas and enjoy the snow.

  2. SammyandSufi says:

    oo! This is so cozy, for us people in MI we haven’t had snow after what happened on the weekend! 🙂

  3. I like your term “rinse and repeat” and totally understand it. We had our first big snow storm last weekend, and woke up to another this morning. I think we are supposed to get more today. I am staying inside and stitching today. Hopefully I will get to get out this week and finish up the rest of my shopping. You have a Merry Christmas, too and enjoy time with your family.

  4. Brrr! I love pictures of snow and looking out of the window at it, especially when nobody has walked on it.

    • It is beautiful and yes, much better viewed through the window. We are receiving more for the next 36 hours and DH is not looking forward to driving to work in it in the morning. Thankfully he goes to work really early before the “rush hour”. I will take DD to work in it after the “rush hour” so hopefully we can both avoid the worst of it.

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