Update and a few pics

Merry Christmas to each one of you! Hopefully you had a wonderful time with family and friends as well as safe travels for those who were out and about. The last three weeks we have had 1-2 snowfalls every week. It has been beautiful and thankfully I have both DH and DS to help keep the driveway and sidewalk clear. This coupled with trying to finish up Christmas gifts, etc. has kept me very busy. 20161216_081248

The little herb bed to the right in this picture is even less visible than it was previously. Hopefully my rhubarb, and rosemary will survive and grow nicely along with the other herbs and roses come spring.

Christmas gifting went well, though I was not able to complete one gift and the stocking is still a WIP. Last week I was frantically working on two cowls and had started a new wool socks for DH. All was planned out and I thought I would have a pretty good chance at succeeding. Then we found out that DSIL’s ex was coming for Christmas Day and would be joining us for dinner and unwrapping. We were pleased to see him as it has been several years and we still consider him to be part of the family. DD and DS added him to their shopping lists as they couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get him a gift since he was in town. While I quickly plotted and explored possibilities, DH already had a plan. You see, DEBIL has always enjoyed hand stitched wool socks and DH decided that would be a good plan.

After a quick dash to JoAnn Fabrics and a quick purchase of several skeins of DK weight acrylic and wool blend yarn in two colors, I proceeded to cast on the Jogless Hiking Socks. I had made these before for DS so wasn’t too worried and even still had notes from previous knitted sock projects for DEBIL. Thankfully the DK weight went fast and other than having to rip out a time or two when I got stuck, the socks were finished in 4-5 days, just in time to wrap and put under the tree. 20161221_200152Needless to say when they were opened, as per the usual reaction, they were promptly put on and worn home. I would say they were a hit.

The cowls were finished just barely in time. One was gifted to my BFF who wasn’t expecting it at all. Oh was that fun to see her expression! But what was really special is the gift that she gave me this Christmas of encouraging me to make presents again and enjoy both the making and giving. The Virus Shawl that she encouraged me to make for my mom was received by Mom with many raves! She has also asked for the pattern so she can make another 1-2 herself which is wonderful. What a wonderful gift to receive–my Mom’s pleasure!

The other cowl that was finished just 72 hours before Christmas was for another friend of the family. She had not had one before so hopefully she will enjoy it. I know that one was stressful because I ended up having to tink back 1 1/2 rows and it is a pattern that you can’t afford to miscount because it will show.

Christmas Day I had an early 4-hour holiday shift at work. This worked best as my family was able to sleep in–quite a change from when the kids were much younger. DH helped me finish up getting the cooking done that day, but here are a couple of pies that were made the Friday before Christmas:

The one on the left is pecan pie which my DFIL always looks for. The one on the right is pumpkin pie which we started eating on Christmas Eve. DSIL and I split the menu which made it easier to do since I had work that day.

As for the stocking for DD, I really tried, but didn’t succeed in finishing it. I have been working on it in the mornings again this week as that time of day works so much better. The outlining is coming along and once it is done, I hope to have a rotation of projects that I can work through this next year. Here is a picture of progress as of this morning:


December 28, 2016

You will notcie several new additions to this project besides the stitching. On the left are two needle minders that DD gave me for Christmas as well as the marbelized handle scissors. She also gave me a packet of John James size 28 needles. We found out that shopping from a wish list online (123stitch.com in this case) makes it easier for her to make decisions as to what she wants to get for someone. I was tickled pink as I have never had needle minders before and now I have two.

Anyhow, back to the stitching, the curtains are almost finished. Right now I am putting backstitching along the edge of the lacy part. 20161228_150013

Please forgive the thread across the work. As you can see, a professional photographer I am NOT! Hopefully with 1-2 hours every  morning this project will be done sooner than later. Of course, then I will need to start on DS’s.

Here is another picture–close-up– of my needle minders and scissors: 20161228_150025

And not to forget DH who gave me a new cutting board, much nicer whisk, and a set of 5 wooden spoons for various types of cooking. I so needed these. DS gave me a new set of glasses for everyday and I love them. We were down to the last two in the previous set and I so didn’t like them that I couldn’t get upset when they kept breaking.

And lest you think that I didn’t get anything done on the socks for DH, here is the progress so far on the first one: 20161228_150150

These are the Yarn Harlot’s Earl Grey sock pattern. The yarn is Knit Picks Chroma Twist in the Avalon colorway. The yarn is actually a bit darker than this but for some reason it lightened up in the picture. I am working my way through the third repeat of the cable pattern on each side and then will be ready to start the heel section.

My plan is to work on this in the afternoon and evenings when my eyes are too tired to work on cross stitch. This will go well on the days that I am able to do more crafting, however this new year will be filled with planning for two Bible Experience events (one in January and one in February), a major camping event for Pathfinders in September, and a convention combined with a Union-wide Bible Experience event for Pathfinders in March 2018. We will also be finishing up DS’s senior year this coming spring and getting him ready for community college in the fall. So no rest, just lots of planning to put in place so I can maximize all that I need to do. Wish me luck!



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  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Goodness some lovely projects. Happy New Year.

  2. You have received many wonderful gifts! Love the needleminders. I have a few, but don’t really use them. I had a small frog minder that I accidentally rolled up into my scroll frame once and it ripped a hold in my project. I was able to find some matching thread and repair the hole and it was in the margin, so all was well, but that kind of turned me off from using a minder again. I do love them though and should try again with a bigger one 😉 Your stitching is so beautiful and I love the sock yarn!

    • Oh my! Thank you so much for the warning about watching where my minders are. I love the yarn, too though I may have to order another skein as the socks are size 11 and seem to go on forever. Guess I shouldn’t complain as they aren’t my son’s size 13s. 🙂

      • Your needle minders are big enough that you don’t have to worry about rolling them up. My frog was really tiny and I really didn’t use him for my needle. I put him there because he was cute. I tried to use it, but was just not in the habit of using one. He had sharp feet, that is was caused the hole when I rolled over him…several times, LOL

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