Update as of 1-5-17 (2017 already?)

It is past time to post updates of my three projects that are currently getting attention. The reason for the delay is because I have been busily working on each one and it was more important to work on them and actually be able to show progress than to just say I was slowly getting somewhere.

Project #1 is DD’s stocking. Before the end of 2016, some progress was made. I was torn between working on DH’s socks, completing kitting and preparations for projects for the new year, and the stocking. Each one was “screaming” that they needing love, so I tried to spread myself around a bit. Here is the progress by date:


December 30, 2016

Unfortunately, I realized last night that the wings and halo on the angel should have been done in one strand of Kreinik #8 braid #002HL with one strand of Kreinik Balger cord gold #002C, neither of which I have in my stash. The pattern conveniently disclosed this information on the page with the bottom half of the stocking. DD thinks it should be left alone as she likes it as is, but we will see if I can obtain the braid locally or will have to add it to an order after payday.

Yesterday, the “bug” bit again to work more on this project. This was partly due to a couple of my fingers on my right hand being extremely sore. One is my pointer finger. The reason for it being so sore is because I have yet to build up good calluses on my finger to the points of the circular knitting needle that I am using for DH’s sock – Project #2. Progress on the sock has made it to the toe of the first one and stopped because of extremely sore fingers. I have had this happen once before and tried this time to put a bandaid on so that I could continue the last two inches (the toe), but it is just too painful. I have a crack in the pad of my finger that thankfully this time does not have a hole that is bleeding like the first time this happened a number of years ago. I love the sharpness of the Knit Picks needles except when my fingers are rebuilding calluses! Here is the progress: 20170106_103450

In the picture it is a little easier to see the changes in the colors. DH tried this on the other night right before I had to stop to make sure that it was going to properly fit his size 10 1/2 feet.

Beginning with this first month in 2017, I have made a goal to make two Christmas tree ornaments each month. The first seven ornaments are kitted up except for the list of missing supplies that have to be purchased. These are taken from the 2008 Just CrossStitch Special Christmas Issue and include ones specifically chosen by DD and DS. My first one – Project #3 – is from The Sweetheart Tree. Here is the progress so far:


January 5, 2017

This is DMC 814 and not too far along yet. The diamond-shaped stitch at the bottom is a Rhodes Heart Stitch. This is the first time I have ever made this stitch and I had to take it out twice before I got it right. Maybe next time I pull it out I can get a closer picture of this particular stitch. Once I figured it out, it was not that hard, I jsut had to be careful. There are several more on this one that I hope to get to either today or tomorrow night. There are two different colors of Mill Hill Magnifica Glass Beads that I have to either find locally or order in for this ornament, but I have everything else for it.

With all of the snow records being broken in our valley – we are up to 14″ on the ground now – being outside has been limited to have to driving of DD to work and a trip to get gas and groceries this morning. Last night, or should I say right after midnight the temperature dipped:


The correct time at the top left should read “12:06”. For some reason this device does not get changed when the time changes.

When I woke up this morning and started getting ready for my day, it was:


Correct time is “8:20” a.m. Still too cold!

This means that our chickens are staying in their coop. DH reported that it was -15° at his work this morning about 30 minutes to the east of home. The sun is out and it might get up to 10° today. Here is our view: 20170106_082218

DS and I made a point of clearing the sidewalk and as much of the ice and snow off the driveway as we could. DD walked through this last night and was up to her knees in it so we have plenty of snow. This is perfect weather to stay inside and keep warm.

With all of the cold and needing to craft, I gave in yesterday to the “screaming” stocking and shortly after midnight last night I finished the backstitching, long stitching, lazy daisies, French knots, and various other stitches on this section of the stocking. It looks good, but I have to resolve the angel’s wings and halo as well as pull out the gray long stitches holding up the heart and candle in the window on the right. That should actually be DMC 321, but again it was lost on the next page. Here is the progress as of last night:


January 5, 2017

Later today I will roll this down and begin the bottom section. My finger is providing the perfect excuse to let it heal prior to a coffee “date” with my BFF on Monday where we will knit and crochet and chat. It doesn’t prevent me from stitching so once I make the corrections, I will roll this and may yet finish it early this year.

For now I am putting on boots and heading off to get gas and groceries! Here’s hoping that the roads are not slick with ice from the super cold temperatures for our area. Please make sure to stay warm and enjoy family and stitching!

PS: Unlike his friends, DS is getting his schoolwork done! This week most of the schools tried to start back for the new semester, but have had to take snow days due to very low temperatures and snowy roads that they haven’t been good about keeping clean. He is thankful that he can be homeschooled because he won’t have to school into the summer like his friends.


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9 Responses to Update as of 1-5-17 (2017 already?)

  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Super progress on your projects. No snow yet here this winter and yesterday was sunny. Today back to grey drizzle. No matter, lots of knitting time, but my right thumb really aches. Hope your hand is better soon.

    • Thank you! I hope to be able to knit soon too. May try a bit today just to see if I can toughen it up. It is the perfect excuse to focus on the cross stitching though.

  2. Bessie V says:

    Beautiful needle work! I loved all the intricate details on it 🙂

  3. Your stocking is looking so beautiful. I do like the angel wings and halo backstiched in the dark thread, but I can understand why you would want to add some gold sparkle to her. Every angel deserves some gold sparkle. Maybe you could just use a gold blending filiament and go over the darker stitches to add a little shine. So sorry about your finger tips. I don’t like working with DP needles and can say I have never tried to knit socks; DP needles scare me 😛 I do hope your fingers heal and toughen up so you can finish. The one sock looks warm and cozy and does need a match 😉 Your weather is a little bit colder than ours. Our snow is gone, thanks to a couple of days of really abnormal temps in the 40’s and rain. I am hoping to get through January and February without much snow so we will be on the downswing. Though we have many a March and April with snow. I do hope that you are staying warm and nursing those fingers.

  4. Great progress, I absolutely love it. Such beautiful stitching.
    Gorgeous sock, it looks like it is super warm.
    You sure had cold weather and lots of snow. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us here in the warmer part of the world, where we had summer and rain for the holidays.
    Have a great year, and happy crafting. 🙂

    • Thank you very much! As usual I am enjoying watching the project cone to life. The second sock is started but I am taking it in sections. We love the snow but wish they would do better at clearing the roads in our part of the country.

  5. Your stitching is beautiful and the angel looks perfect just as she is. I do not envy you the snow, luckily so far we have had none this year though it is rare that we get more than a sprinkle here, and I haven’t known it last for more than a couple of days since the 1980s

    • Thank you very much. I chose to leave as is since it is my daughter’s and she prefers it just like it is. They say we had snow like this back in the 1980s too but we were living elsewhere at that time. It is dirty and ugly now and we are so over it.

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