It’s Amazing! :)

What you may ask, is this crazy blogger talking about today? In an effort to track with pictures my progress on things, I took a few moments to grab some pictures of progress on projects and FOs as well as a yarn pictures. So without further ado, here goes:

  • This is ornament #1 for this year, finished right after January. The design is by Sweetheart Tree for the 2008 Special Christmas Ornament Issue by Just CrossStitch. Fabric is 28-count MCG evenweave in white–a scrap from another project. Beads are not from Mill Hill and not necessarily the exact color or size, but I like them. The only part left off is a small white heart charm just above and centered over the “o” and the “e”. 20170211_110535
  • Ornament #2 for the year is from the same source, but designed by Val’s Stuff and called Christmas is a Time to Share. The fabric is again 28-count MCG evenweave in white. Unfortunately that makes it hard to see the edges of the snowman and I may need to go back and outline them. The threads are all as charted except for the scarf. I did not order a skein of specialty thread but chose a DMC variegated thread to fit in. The present was supposed to be a charm, but again I chose a DMC variegated thread and then used the red DMC in the chart for the ribbon and bow. 20170211_110445
  • Ornament #3 from the same source is on 14-count Fiddler’s Cloth (Aida). The design is by Mosey ‘N Me and called Frosty Friends. While this project is not complete you can see the progress. Threads are as charted but original project was on a blue fabric so I will need to add outlining around the snowman. I hope to have this one finished by the 15th as I need to start #4 which is Let It Snow by Country Cottage Needleworks. Here is my progress: ornament-3

On the knitting front, my order for sock yarn and other items came in a week ago yesterday. It seems that I have 4 pairs of socks to knit in my rather immediate future. message_1486178701570

The above skeins are Knit Picks Chroma Twist in the following colorways from left to right: Pegasus (mine), Weather Vane (DH), Fog Bank (DS), and Surf’s Up (DS).  The 3rd colorway has been cast on for DS in size 13 men’s socks using the Earl Grey pattern by the Yarn Harlot. This pattern fits snug while having a bit of ribbing on each side of the foot to allow for a better fit. Like DH’s I am using fixed Sunstroke circulars from Knit Picks size 0. I am hoping to get these finished by the end of the month but with crazy schedules, only time will tell if I succeed. Here is a picture of the cuff and first few rows of repeat: mikes-fog-bank-sock-1

This yarn is photographing a bit lighter than the nice brown shades it actually is.

And last but certainly not least is the scrap cowl: 20170211_110939

It is hard to tell, but I am switching back and forth between the two shades by repeat as to which color is “on top”. That means a bit more concentration than the original cowls which were done in the individual colors. These aren’t my favorite colors to wear, but I just hate to see yarn not get used up so a quick cowl it will be.

Unfortunately there has been no progress on the stocking, but I hold out hope for getting it done. I just need some large pieces of time where I can sit down and concentrate. Until then, I will continue to put in time on these projects.


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  1. MrsCraft says:

    You’ve been ever so busy! Love the little ornaments 😊

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