Too busy too long

Oh my! It has been two months to the day since I have posted. The months have flow by what with the continuing work on enrolling DS for college, vacation, planning and working on the upcoming Camporee in September and changes at work and home. June flew by in a rush and July is vanishing as we speak. And it won’t get any better until after September. Let me see if I can rewind just a bit to catch up on what little stitching has happened.

Attempts have been made to keep up with the two ornaments a month and with the exception of waiting on an order to finish one in July I haven’t done too bad. This first one is Deck the Window by Julia Lucas Designs from the 2008 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments issue. Fabric is 14-count Fiddlers Cloth pulled out of my stash with the called for threads. There is a tiny red bow missing, however I was not able to get one just like it so will keep looking for something that hopefully will work. Finished June 12.


Then we went on vacation. This year DD decided to stay home and “adult”. While a little nerve-wracking, this was a good thing. She drove herself to and from work in DH’s car every day and found that it wasn’t so bad. Now she’s thinking about buying a car. Thankfully she has a nest egg to help with part of it.

Vacation was spent away from everything for five days. We headed up to the mountains to spend time in a rustic cabin. It was lots of fun to see rabbits, chipmunks, and squirrels running all over. They were nice and fat and loved running in the afternoon sun eating grass and small grains. This rabbit I saw coming back from the bathroom one morning and almost ran into it. 20170620_091733And these little guys, or not always so little ran from under the cabin, through the grass, under the car, and all over.  20170622_14572720170622_151032When we arrived back home, we celebrated DS’s 17th birthday with family. It seems like time has passed so fast since he was little and now he is starting college next month. 20170624_191744

His new hat was to hide the fact that he needed a haircut but didn’t want to get one. Finally when he could stand it no longer, he went and got it cut.

This ornament was started and finished while we were on vacation but the lighting inside was not very good so I only recently took the finished picture. 20170621_150254This was the beginning of Starry Night by Shepherd’s Bush Printworks from the same magazine issue. Fabric is 16-count blue Aida with called for threads. 20170729_134959Finished June 27, 2017.

July began with lots of busy times. I was fortunate enough to swatch a sweater and learned that I needed to order different size needles. I also needed to order Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid in PB03 for the ornament that I started on July 1. An order was placed to and yarn and needles were ordered from Knit Picks. Of course, other items were ordered from both places to make the shipping either free or worth it. While waiting, pie cherries were picked and made into cherry preserves. 20170627_124800We’ve never made these before, but hopefully they will taste good this winter. The new ornament for the month of July was started and everything completed except for the PB03 that was slow to come in. The design is A Christmas Song by Full Circle Designs from the same magazine listed above. Fabric is a scrap of 14-count Aida with called for threads except for using PB03 instead of Kreinik it called for. The PB03 metallic thread didn’t come in until July 15, which was the day I was supposed to start the next ornament. All stitches were finally completed o July 17, 2017.  20170729_134944On the 19th of July, I finally started my Lacy Knit Top. There are not any pictures of it yet as I barely have a bit of ribbing done. That same day I started my latest ornament which was finished last night. It is Peace by My Big Toe Designs from the same magazine. Fabric was 14-count ecru Aida in called for colors. My one complaint is that it is a lot larger than the others and if I did it again, I would do it on a higher count fabric. 20170729_135028I may decide just to frame this and hang it for Christmas instead of make an ornament out of it. The 14-count fiddlers cloth is stretched on the q-snap for the next ornament that I will start on the 1st of August.

So you may be wondering why more crafting didn’t take place. The week of June 30 and three weeks after that date, I was working very heavily on the Camporee for September. Our Early Bird deadline was June 30 and then we had to perform a random lottery on the classes we were going to teach because more Pathfinders signed up for honors and activities than we had spots. This unfortunately meant that some Pathfinders did not get everything they wanted. DD and I also worked on the designs for the honor cards and weekend program. We hope to finish those this week.

And last weekend DH met  his family in Texas to bury his aunt’s ashes. She had passed earlier in the spring but they were not able to get together until now. It was a time of remembrance and getting to know some of his family better. Unfortunately I was not able to go with him, but pulled the early morning drive to take him to the airport and then picked him up when he arrived back.

It has been hot and looks like it will continue to be hot for a while yet. We are truly blessed though as this year we actually have cucumbers in the raised bed that DH made for the garden. I picked these two last week and there is another one that should be ready soon. 20170727_075716There is also a squash and the tomatoes and peppers are looking good. We even have two strawberry plants that are growing well. Hopefully they will produce next year.

So plans/wishful thinking for August is as follows:

  • Start and finish Merry 2008 by Glory Bee ornament with a change to 2017.
  • Start and finish Oriental Splendor by Cindy Valentine Designs ornament.
  • Start DS’s stocking–fabric is on floor stand, threads are pulled, but haven’t stopped to start it.
  • Knit more on Lacy Knit Top.
  • Knit more on Earl Grey socks in Knit Picks Chroma Fog Bank colorway for DS.
  • Knit more on Earl Grey socks in Knit Picks Palette Roobios colorway for DH (yes, I started these too when the yarn came in with my Knit Picks order).
  • Start DH’s hummingbirds–the fabric was added to my PB03 order.

Something tells me that I won’t get it all done as we are just over a month to Camporee and between that and getting kids going with college again, I WILL BE VERY BUSY!!! Thank you for your patience with my lack of posting. I am hoping when it gets cooler that I will post more.


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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  1. MrsCraft says:

    Very busy times, I admire your dedication to the Christmas ornaments, which are beautiful.

  2. nanacathy2 says:

    Hi, busy times! Good luck with your plans, and am loving your stictching. Cherry pie round yours this Winter then.

  3. Wow. Busy times indeed. But you still get around to it all, stitching, vacation, admin, photos for us here in Blogland. 🙂 I am loving it.
    Great stitching, and I absolutely love Starry Night. 🙂 Gorgeous, well done.

  4. You sure have been busy. But you have managed some great time with your crafts. Your ornaments are coming along nicely and you will have quite the stash come December. I admire your dedication on this. Have a great rest of the summer and enjoy all the little moments 😉

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