Update 8-19-17

Three weeks is better than before! It has been a busy three weeks and the next three to four weeks promise to be even busier. Keeping up with goals will be a REAL challenge since we are coming into the last bit of time before the big Camporee mid-September. Crafting has become especially precious right now as a stress-relief and I am thankful that I kitted up ornaments ahead.

First of all let’s look at the goals for August:

  • Start and finish Merry 2008 by Glory Bee ornament with a change to 2017. Finished in two days (August 1-2) – 20170803_135408This is from the 2008 Christmas ornament issue of Just Cross Stitch. The only change was using 14-count fiddler’s cloth instead of the called-for fabric.
  • Start and finish Oriental Splendor by Cindy Valentine Designs ornament. – Finished in 5 days (August 15-19) – This is also from the 2008 Christmas ornament issue of Just Cross Stitch. Changes are: Changed the color of the fabric to white because that is what I had; changed the color of the DMC Pearl Cotton #8 to #823 instead of #347 as that is what I could get locally and after using, I definitely prefer it given color change I made with fabric; and I am only doing the stitching for one side of the ornament. I will be putting together with Christmas fabric on the back when I turn it into a FFO (fully-finished object). After completing the satin stitch stars, I started on the four-sided squares around and realized my stitch count was off. I chose not to pull them out as I had already pulled the first one out twice, so adjustments were made to the count. However, I am pleased with the finish and also am very pleased with the color changes both for my budget and the look.20170819_133543
  • Start DS’s stocking–fabric is on floor stand, threads are pulled, but haven’t stopped to start it. – Started on August 3, but no picture to show. I am working on the middle section and am enjoying fitting it in here and there.
  • Knit more on Lacy Knit Top. – No progress since August 2, but with second ornament finished I may be able to slip in some work on it.
  • Knit more on Earl Grey socks in Knit Picks Chroma Fog Bank colorway for DS. – No progress, however I have to take one vehicle in for check and repair and one in for two new tires this next week and since this is my carry project in my purse, I should get some work done on these.
  • Knit more on Earl Grey socks in Knit Picks Palette Rooibos colorway for DH (yes, I started these too when the yarn came in with my Knit Picks order). – Progress on the first one and I am now past the heel and gusset and have started the foot. I hope to get sock #1 done soon and the second one on the needles before Camporee.
  • Start DH’s hummingbirds–the fabric was added to my PB03 order. – Fabric received and all the DMC and Kreinik in, but no start. This probably won’t be started until after Camporee or later.

September Goals:

  • Start and finish Wish Upon a Star by Wildflower Stitchery & More.
  • Start and finish Heartfelt Harvey by Imaginating, Inc.
  • Continue stitching on DS’s stocking.
  • Continue knitting on Earl Grey socks in Knit Picks Chroma Fog Bank colorway for DS.
  • Continue knitting on Earl Grey socks in Knit Picks Palette Rooibos colorway for DH.
  • Continue knitting on Lacy Knit Top.
  • Sew two knitting bags – one for a gift and one for me.
  • Get through Camporee.

There may be other things to add, but all things considered, this is really all I can imagine working on and quite frankly, more than I think that I will get to.

Both DS and DD start college this week, DS for the first time and DD continuing. Schedules will change and studying will commence, but I will no longer be homeschooling. This has caused me to be grateful for Camporee and crafting. Both are still at home for now and I am still chauffeuring them to and from  until one or both get their own vehicles. Not planning for school feels strange after twelve years, however I am considering planning on going back myself a year from now. This gives me time to complete obligations already in progress and put plans into place.

The garden continues to produce cucumbers and there are peppers and tomatoes growing as well as a cantaloupe starting to grow. We have picked one or two of the squashes and the strawberries are putting out runners. I hope to move them to the main raised garden for winter when we get the rest of the dirt/compost added after Camporee. As you can notice Camporee is our focus for now as this is a huge event that we are in charge of and we really want everything to go well. Please wish us luck and if you pray, keep us in your prayers as we work through this event for youth in our church.


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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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  1. Wow, you are super busy. I think it seems most of us are lately. 🙂 Must be something in the air, for sure. As always, I love your stitching. I have a little goal to stitch a bit too, and am hoping to get going soon to. Thank you for the inspiration 🙂
    Have a great week, or three or four, until we hear from you again. Take care and enjoy. xx

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