Goals for 2018

Happy New Year! If you have made it this far, you are to be commended. I worked my 12-hour shift on New Year’s Eve and am glad to spend time with family. Our plans are pretty simple for the 1st. DH is off work when I am for the first time in several years so we have some brief shopping to do. We need to find 1-2 plants for his new office at work and an air-tight container for the basmati rice after we open the bag.  DS gave me a rice cooker/steamer/slow cooker for Christmas and we have already tried Jasmine rice. DD loves it as the rice came out like her favorite sticky rice. There was a small amount left after the first trial of cooking rice this way so I grabbed it to make a carrot/rice/peanut butter loaf for lunch on Sabbath.

We are also taking DD and DS out for the new Star Wars movie (tickets through my work) and a meal. Tentative plans are to try out Blaze Pizza that has just moved into our area.

Goals in no particular order:

  • On the 1st and 15th of each month – continue with ornaments until August 2018 when I will begin Brooke’s Books Advent Animals on the 1st and the 15th of each month to be made into ornaments. Most of the kitting up is complete for the next four months with the exception of one Dinky Dyes skein and a few beads. January also will include the ornaments from December 2017 that were not stitched.
  • On the 1st and 15th of each month – crochet 1-2 pieces of Nativity set with BFF.
  • FFO all ornaments by Thanksgiving.
  • Continue to work on DS’s Christmas stocking which I have started on 28 count MCG evenweave in white. My goal is to complete the cross stitching and then FFO this stocking as well as DD’s.
  • Restart DH’s Christmas stocking on matching 28 count MCG evenweave in white. DH has his stocking but it was originally stitched 25+ years ago on 18 count Aida and is much smaller than DD’s and DS’s. It is another one from the Cross Stitch and Country Crafts needlework magazine and I have to find another copy of the pattern as my copy has vanished. 😦 If I am really lucky I might also get this one done.
  • On the 1st of each month, start and hopefully finish by the last day of the same month – knit one pair of socks for myself. My sock drawer has one pair of wool socks, one pair of wool footies, and one pair of cotton socks. Everyone else in the family is good with wool socks so I am going to use up some of my sock yarn and fill my drawer. New Year’s Day will need to be used to continue with some lovely two-at-a-time socks I started in 2017 and also kitting up 11 skeins and patterns for the remainder of the year.
  • Cross stitch monogram fairies on wishlist. These cannot be shared because of who reads my blog. 🙂 The first pattern and fabric need to be ordered, especially since one is on sale.
  • Start and finish a quilt that is king size so we can use it as a bedspread. Pattern has not been chosen yet, so this may end up going on my Goal Wishlist below.

Note: One major Pathfinder event in March could hold up some of the above goals, but that is perfectly fine. I will work around that.

Note 2: Going back to college will not happen in August as DH has started his Master’s program and combined with two kids in college at least through December 2018, someone needs to be able to keep everything else going. DD has indicated that she is tired of school and so is taking three classes this semester and three in the fall and hoping to finish by December 2018. DS will still be in college in 2019 so for now I am not sure if I will begin in January 2019 or not. Stay tuned.

Goal Wishlist (this depends on time and energy):

  • Complete Christmas shopping/crafting for 2018 by Thanksgiving 2018. Shop a bit each month.
  • Knit sweater ornaments for Christmas tree – one per month – from scraps.
  • Finish sweaters for DD (only part of a sleeve and weaving in ends left) and DS (barely started on sleeves).
  • Knit cardigan and vest sweater for myself to help wardrobe.
  • Crochet Caron Cakes handbag.
  • BFF and I want to learn how to make hairpin lace. For me it is the last part of the Advanced Crochet Honor that I have not completed to receive the patch.
  • Plant early spring garden, summer garden, and potentially fall garden. Maintain, harvest, and process results.

I think it is best to stop there. All of this will need to be transferred to my Goal Calendar (personal handmade booklet for notes) and I need to kit up the various items that are for specific times. Hopefully I will be able to post once or twice a month as to how this is going and if it is not ambitious enough or too ambitious. Any more often would be “icing” because I don’t want to cut into my crafting time any more than I have to for normal personal activities that are not crafting. If the preparatory work is done, there is a good chance I will meet my goals. Wish me luck as I am sure I will need it.



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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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  1. nanacathy2 says:

    That seems a lot to me, good luck.

  2. Happy New Year! You have quite the goal list. I wish you much success in completing all of them. My list has been jotted down. It is also quite long. I have a few more things to add and I am thinking of turning it into 18 in 2018. I have never done one of those before, but it might be kind of fun. I hope your new year is healthy, happy and full of crafting 🙂

  3. Happy new year to you and the family. May 2018 be a wonderful year, and include enough craft time to reach your goals.
    Have a fun year and enjoy. xx

    • Happy New Year to you and your family as well. I am looking forward to seeing the knitting and crafting you accomplish this year. Your projects are always so inspiring!

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