Update 04-02-18

March came in like a lion and April is following right behind. Twice now I have turned off our furnace only to have the temperatures drop. This time I am waiting a few days as it is only wind gusts with a “bite” to them that is making it seem cold and since windows were open just a couple of days ago, we will wait to see if the furnace can just stay off. Along with the wind we are having sunshine, then clouds, then more sunshine, then more clouds. I particularly become a bit amused when I receive a notice on my phone that says at a certain time–very shortly–it should snow or rain and the sky is clear and sunny. It makes me wonder where they are predicting weather for because it cannot be here.

Update on DFIL: The surgery on DFIL’s clavicle went well. The overlapping pieces of bone were pulled apart and another bone was brought back up. One metal plate and six screws later, he is doing well and wants to return to his regularly scheduled activities. The stitches have not been removed so he will have to try and be patient a bit longer before his therapy starts. Thank you to each one of you for your good thoughts and prayers on his behalf. At almost 80, we hope he will continue to be as active and involved in life as he is now.

Violet Waffles Hat: This knitted project was started on March 19 and finished on March 29. The yarn is fingering weight scraps from three different sock pairs. Two strands were held together and the project was knitted on a size 4 16″ circular needle from Knit Picks. This was a fairly easy pattern that was finished relatively quickly. I have more scraps of yarn, but not sure if I will make more hats from this pattern or not. 20180329_212722While this is not the greatest picture, it shows the stitches clearly. The colors are a bit darker, but this was the best I could do for now.

DS’s Christmas Stocking: Three days have seen progress on this project, though you cannot tell a whole lot as yet. I am hoping that once I start and finish the ornament for the 1st of April that I can get back to the stocking and make some significant progress. Time will tell. 20180329_222244_Burst01This section is in the middle of the stocking and needs lots of work to tell what the picture is. Hopefully when I post again I will have more to see.

DH’s second Earl Grey sock in Knit Picks Palette Rooibois Heather colorway is my current carry project. The ribbing and part of the first repeat on the leg is done, but there is not a picture to share. Perhaps there will be in the next post.

With most of my chores completed for today and mixed weather–wind gusts with dust/snow/rain–keeping me from trimming pampa grass and pulling dried herbs, I am off to grab a bite to eat and work on my April 1 ornament. With luck and hard work I hope to make good progress on it. And if the weather decides to cooperate, I hope to put in some time this week on outside chores. Thank you again for all of your well wishes and prayers for DFIL and for taking time in your busy schedule to catch up with my updates.



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I wear multiple hats: wife of 25+ years, mother to DD22 and DS17, daughter/daughter-in-law, crafter, home engineer and too many others to list.
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3 Responses to Update 04-02-18

  1. I’m glad your FIL is doing well. I hope you can keep him resting until he heals:)
    Your hat is lovely!

  2. Good news about your FIL indeed. So glad it is all going well.
    Great job on the knitting and stitching. It looks perfect.
    Keep warm and cozy on the cooler days. Soon it will be summery enough to finally turn off the furnace.
    Have a great week. xx

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