Update: 5-1-18 with change of plans?

Edit (5/16/18): I’m not sure how this didn’t get posted, but here it is. I have another post coming later today!

Another month has flown by with lots happening as usual. I honestly do not know why I think things will slow down because they just are not moving in that direction. It seems that the older you get, the busier you are. Is it possible this is because you realize time is moving swiftly so you must pack more into each day in order to accomplish all you wish to? If so, I need to keep cramming projects and ideas in because my list is growing instead of getting smaller.

Crafting went pretty much as planned, though I had hoped to finish one more sock so two pairs would be off my WIP pile. The April 1 ornament was started and finished on April 2 as I was working on April 1 and much too tired when I arrived home to start much less complete anything. This ornament was again from the 2008 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue and designed by Loopy Lou Designs. Fabric was on 28 count white Lugana by Zweigart with DMC threads. 20180402_223311One change was the elimination of the cut thread/hardanger portion in the blank spots above and below the center. After struggling with all of the other challenges this piece and the threads presented, I chose not to cut and remove threads. Some day I might tackle a hardanger piece, but not for  now.

DH’s socks continued to progress. These are the ones from the “Earl Grey” pattern knit in Knit Picks Palette Rooibos colorway with a brown fine nylon thread added beginning with the heel flap and going through to the end of the toe for reinforcement. I am thankful that the second sock always moves faster, though I still had to put it aside occasionally. However, I am happy to report that sock #2 was finished on April 11. The pair is now complete.


DS’s “Earl Grey” sock #2 has had a bit of work over 11 days, but is not complete. Unfortunately I do not have any new pictures, but hope to finish it this month. Time will tell if my hope is achieved.

Because of my new work schedule – same day, Sunday but no help with busy times – I started the second ornament for April on the 14th instead of the 15th. The source was the same, however, it was designed by Charlotte’s Webb Needlework. The fabric was a 32 count antique white Lugana by Zweigart with the called for DMC threads. Between the trip to visit my mom and sister and the challenges of the specialty stitches – some of which I had to Google – it was not complete until the 26th. 20180426_205137This is a pretty accurate representation of the colors and you can check out the stitches up close. I hope to FFO both of these before Thanksgiving when we set up the tree again.

During the week of April 16-20, DH and I made a quick trip to California to visit my mom as well as my sister and her husband. Mom is now 85 years old and sometimes her mind is not as clear as others. We started out early on the 16th driving down through bits of snow and rain before the sun began to rise. The sky was beautiful with the occasional white fluffy clouds which enhanced the beauty of the snow on the mountains on each side of the freeway. 20180416_091423However, when we drove through Donner’s Pass, this was our view: 20180416_122452The snow was coming down heavily but not sticking all that much on the road. As we drove on down the other side, the snow turned to rain. By the time we arrived at our destination, there were just heavy rain clouds that periodically dropped plenty more rain. My sister expressed gratefulness for the rain as they always need more.

We had a great visit each day with my mom after surprising her Monday evening. My sister knew we were coming, but we had elected to surprise Mom. Each of the next three mornings were spent visiting with Mom and then spending time with my sister and her husband the rest of the day and/or evening. We also drove up into the surrounding foothills to sightsee and grabbed a late lunch on Thursday at Togo’s. 20180419_132322There was oodles of avocado in amongst Swiss cheese and veggies with a sourdough bun around it. It was delicious! DH had a sandwich that also had plenty of avocado in it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The weather was lovely when we returned home on Friday. However, the results of all the snow was still evident on the mountaintops. Temperatures were cool with a beautiful clear sky. It was hard to come home, however, we needed to begin the preparation for three Pathfinder events the following weekend.

I had left DD’s sweater drying and tucked in the ends on the 23rd. There is not a picture yet, but I am so glad that it is done. A dishcloth was started while we were gone and finished last night. This is Peaches ‘n Cream cotton yarn. 20180501_084151This one will end up in my kitchen as I am having to replace some. A different pattern has been cast on from the remainder of the ball but I have not knit very far so again no picture.

Last weekend we attended one Pathfinder club investiture on Sabbath evening, a program called “Dinosaur Adventure” which was excellent on Sabbath evening after the investiture, and spent all Sunday with Pathfinder clubs from all over our conference for their annual Fair. This is where there was drill and march competitions, completion of the Duct Tape honor, presentation of awards for the year, and review of booths presented by each club. There was also a Grand Parade of clubs for review. While it was a long weekend, everyone had a wonderful time and agreed that it was an excellent way to complete the Pathfinder season for this year. There will be a few more investitures to attend and one campout to visit, and then we will have this season finished. Next year we will focus on the Bible book of Luke and serving in our communities. It promises to be another exciting year.

Finally, we also have started bringing in loads of compost to build up the raised beds so that we can plant our garden. This has prompted weeding, mowing and spraying of the yard. DH is hoping to seed the back yard in new grass seed since he has gotten rid of the goatheads. After I finish typing this post, I have another bed to weed out, which should make our chickens happy as they get all of the weeds. Maybe they will decide to lay more eggs with the addition of more greens to their diet.

Changes and Plans

This year I was planning on continuing to stitch two ornaments each month, however, by the end of July I will have stitched all of the ornaments that I wanted to from the 2008 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issue. The original plan was to work on Brooke’s Books Publishing Advent Animals and complete two each month, but I am choosing instead to work on my larger WIPs and see if I can get them further along and/or completed. This means that I will assign all of my WIPs a number and them randomly select one every two weeks for the remainder of the year (August through December). We will see how that goes and decide in December if I want to continue on my WIPs or purchase the fabric for the Advent Animals.

Plans for May are to complete two ornaments, the second sock for DS, more dishcloths, and work on the sleeves of DS’s sweater. I also am planning on putting in the entire garden, cleaning the chicken coop, weeding the front flower beds, and picking up samples of paint for the outside of the house to test. We hope to paint the outside which needs to be done and replace the back door with a sliding door before winter comes again. I am sure there is more that I will fit in, as we plan our vacation in July. We will not be going very far, but will be taking a break from everything to regroup before fall and the harvest time. This will also be our first long vacation in 23 years without kids along. Must finish our plans.

If you are still reading, thank you for sticking with me this far. Hopefully, posts will be published closer together for awhile now.


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