Update: 9-6-18 #2

A little bit of cross stitching has been happening on the Cat Lessons by Lizzie Kate, though not nearly enough. I am hoping with the blanket done I will be able to get back to the cross stitching and maybe even some short socks that need to be finished. Here is where I am at on Cat Lessons: 20180906_153127That row with the thread is the last row on this side. I have moved the Q-snap down and as soon as I am finished with that section, I will move to the top right and see how much I can get done. I would love to finish this and frame it for DD for Christmas, but we will have to see. I also need to get DS’s stocking back out and get my act together. Anyway, back to the above project, I am pretty sure that I will not have enough thread of one of the browns to finish the entire project. I think it is the darker brown, but whichever one it is, it is a specialty thread so when I get close to finishing/running out, I will have to place an order to 123stitch.com. Of course you know that a skein of thread cannot travel by itself so I am sure that something else will come with it as well.

And yes, I have not forgotten the chick! She is currently not on my happy list. We believe that it is a hen which is about the only thing she has going for herself at the moment. Approximately two weeks ago, we opened up the access between the main coop and the run that was connected to the brooder box. Mom and chick had been having daily access to the run and were anxious to go mix with the flock. It was time to make the change and chick was big enough to not slip under places and escape.

The first few days, chick took much coaxing to go all the way outside from the brooder box. She would run through the area in between and then stop just inside the coop. Since this was her only way to access the outside, we knew she had to learn how to get in and out. We mixed the feed so that she would get what she needed and after a few days, she seemed to do ok–other than she didn’t always like to go back inside at night. I wasn’t sure if it was because she and Mom were not allowed in by the other chickens until everyone else was in and then they had to walk the “gauntlet” between everyone to get to the brooder box or what that kept her from going inside some nights.

Last night it was after dark when I was able to slip out to shut everyone in the coop. A phone call had taken longer than hoped and so I got my headlamp and headed out. When I went to make sure that everyone was inside, guess WHO was not inside? Yes, chick had decided this was not a night to go inside. Mom was inside and called to her, but chick decided to hide and hope she would be left alone. She was just outside the brooder box with her beak tucked into her feathers trying to be as hidden as she dared. When I found her and poked her gently, she set up a squawk and a fuss and began running around the pen. Normally the chickens and even chick can be guided into the coop, particularly if the door is wide open and not just the “hen” door. She decided it just was not going to happen. For 30 minutes I followed her and moved her out of one hidey hole after another. She went by the door twice and just kept going. After the second time I decided enough was enough. If she wanted to stay outside then she could and we would just hope she did not get eaten. I left the “hen” door open and secured the gate. I do not know whether she went inside or not because when I went out early this morning to feed and water the chickens, everyone was outside. I will not chase her again tonight so if she decides to disobey her mom and not be guided inside, she will need to fend for herself overnight.

She is a pretty chick though it is hard to see from this distance. 20180829_140356So far we have determined that she is part black Astralorp, but I am not sure what else she is. Her papa, the rooster, is a mix of all kinds of chickens, so anything is possible. We are hoping that eventually she figures it out. I do think that it is easier to get them all going where they should be when you have a whole group of at least four because they tend to follow each other. For now, we will just see if she can get it together. Next spring or late winter we are going to get some new chicks as this momma has an issue and only seems to want to let one egg hatch/live. We want to replace most of this flock as they are getting older and not laying eggs so much. That is a problem when we are feeding them garden food, pellet/grower feed (depending on chicken), scratch, cracked corn, and lots of cool well water. The garden goodies are especially good right now at the end of the season and they like them.

Pathfinders is going well with the new season. We start visiting clubs for inductions this weekend and will continue through the first of November. At least we do not have such majorly big events as we were in charge of last year. We do have to start planning for a trip back to Wisconsin next August for an International Camporee. That will be a three week trip and while we aren’t in charge of planning and implementing the whole event, it is still a big project as we will be helping teach at least one and maybe two honors. We also have to figure out how to get as many of our kids back as possible as it is a wonderful experience. DH and DS went four years ago and I am hoping to go with DH this time. Plans have to be made as to whether we will drive back and camp our way there and back or will we have to fly in and out? Time will tell. I know that right now I need to get my $195 ticket purchased for access for the week of activities and meetings.

That is all for now. I am going to see if I can either knit on a short sock while catching up on some more Flosstube, or work on cross stitching.


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  1. Great stitching, as always. 🙂
    All the best with the new chick, she sounds stubborn and with a will of her own. Hoping she will soon follow the rest, and listen to her mom when calling. Sleeping outside is probably not the best idea.
    Enjoy the knitting. 🙂

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